February 17, 2003; Monday


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i haven't been working lateley. i've taken a whole bunch of time off from copymax for the pageant (i'm running for miss sac again) and i've been in a down slump so i just don't go in to dhs. the woman i work with is also driving me crazy. you know how they say that teenagers give a snotty attitude? well, this 72 year old is giving me THE worst attitude ever and refuses to let me help her learn stuff. irritating.

school started in january... i'm taking fitness for life, intro computer science, statistics, beginning sculpture, and crimes without victims. i've been stressed... i've taken tuesdays off from working at dhs and so i only "go in" thursday and fridays, but like i said i've been slacking.

the two sheep are gone because they were trying to kill the male goat. now there are three chickens, victor, the two goats... and two miniature horses. ai yai yai. they stink. cute as all cuteness, but stinky.

jon and i have been very good lately. nice.

jon and i went to the bay area on friday. we went on 12 highways. this was our trip:
99s -> 4w -> 5s -> 205w -> 580w -> 680s -> 280s -> valco mall -> 280s -> westfield shopping center, valley fair -> dinner at china stix with dad -> 85n -> 85s -> 17n -> 280s -> new pretty shiny belly ring -> 280n -> 85n -> visit home for 3 minutes -> 237e -> 880n -> 580e -> 205e -> 5n -> 80e -> home. I was looking for a dress for the pageant. i found a hot pink one, but ended up trading it for a white one yesterday. jie jie and andrew and peter are sponsoring me. yay! :)

there was some crazy rainage. jon told me to turn on my foglights and i insisted i didn't have any. then he said "yes, yes you do. you have to. there is a switch." then i remembered playing with a switch on the lights and turned on the foggers. "i don't get it. what does this do" and then he said "it lights up the road directly infront of you" and then i flipped them off then flipped them back on. "ooooo! i like these! i want to always have them on! ooooooO!!!!!" fog lights are great.

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