February 20, 2004


3:07 PM

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woooooooooooooooooah nelly that felt good. i had a poo. well, course it didn't feel good coming out. but after the sucker hit the toilet... aaaah. so relieved. my back started really hurting again. really... full. yeah. gross. but now it's like a 10 lb weight's been lifted from the lower half and i feel so much better. woo. i wish i had one'a those everyday but in a healthy way, not painfully unhealthy. yeah. still haven't followed up with a doctor visit...

last day at dhs today. we just had a party. it was nice. tons of food. soooo yummy. yay. :)

been doing pretty well in climbing. they've changed the walls around a bit and i've been able to do almost all of the v0's (v0 is the easiest, goes up to v10)... starting to try this one v1 that goes way up the wall. i'll be real happy when i get it. i'm becoming a monkey :) dave's coming up from berkeley to climb with us today. us = jeremy, jon and me. aaron's been coming lately but this weekend he's going to l.a. to visit his dad and possible new girl person.

started an email list and a website for italian class. i hope people use it.

my eyes are all dry. they've been drying out a lot lately.

OH! the best website! www.isketch.net... carol found it. it's pictionary online. it's so much fun. i love it.

i'm so pissed. i'm leaving the links for now until i know for sure, but my guestbook server is down. i hope they haven't gone bankrupt and dissappeared. i just upgraded to a "premium" account, too. that'd be totally fucked up if they just go bankrupt and don't tell their customers. although companies don't care for their customers... bah.

mom went to a psychic and i told her i didn't want to know anything. well, mom has a big mouth. told me anyway. "she said you'll be a very successful leader. i'm so proud of you!" uh.. ok.. hasn't happened yet, nothing to be proud of. "you'll have a son." ew. i don't want a son! i want a girl!!!! :( i want a little girl named erin or something. a little boy will be like jon. insane, hyper, and furbo... tricky and sneaky. i don't want my child to blow himself up and dig ditches in the back yard and light stuff on fire and knock down the support beams in our basement and rig the door bell... *sigh* i'm sure he'll be cute as all hell tho... thinking of names... i love the name connor. but jon doesn't. so i was thinking... desmond. i thought it was totally retarded sounding and nerdy, but the more i say it the more i like it. desmond. the hall i lived in freshman year where i met jon. desmond. yeah. i like it. jon said "maybe for his middle name..." oh well. there's a LONG way to go until that. no hurry.

oh yeah. so i bought a desk last month. it looks really good. i had this fake wood one that was on metal bars and wheels... well, there was way too much shit on it and it was tilted to the side. it was really sad looking and frankly it was pretty scary having my monitor on it and it was permanantly pisa-styled. i wanna get a pic up of it and of ca and me putting it together. when i remember i'll do it. anyway. so the new one's a corner desk. it's three times the size of the other one. it's got glass tops. it's real pretty. i finally got the old desk out of the room and it's a lot cleaner. well, still a sloppy mess, but it's better than when there were TWO disorganized desks with crap all over them. my old desk is now in the living room and nosy's on it. jon rigged up the new desk with the wires so they're baby-proof. everything's attached to the desk higher up and wrapped tight so there's no ends to chew. it's nice. and there's lit usb cables EVERYWHERE so at night the table glows and it reflects off the glass and it's pretty.

nosy's been good and bad lately. he's a lot more social... but i'm seeing it as he's a lot more daring. he'll come up to us... to chew our shoes. while they're on. nosy jumped up and sat on jon and we thought he was being friendly. nope. the second we turned our heads nosy was going at jon's belt. now there's a few more teeth marks. little booger. he still has fun playing chase, when i have the energy, and he's cute as all hell. he'll do bad things still tho. he'll eat the walls and stuff. i let him in our room for the first time in mooonths and he went and started gnawing on the dresser again. now i don't really care cuz it's underneath where no one will see, but the noise is annoying as crap. he also tried getting behind the bed. that's a no no. so nosy's still not allowed in the bedroom. my little fluffbutt.

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