February 25, 2004


11:24 AM

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decided to xanga and livejournal it... here's my entries from there:

oh yeah. aristotle. my poor baby... jon let the ratties out and we left to go somewhere. i came back and started changing the bedding to aristotle's cage and he popped out. jon was all "what's wrong with his leg?" i looked... his leg was all bloody and it was twisted the wrong way. "OHMIGOD" i picked him up. his foot just flopped around. there was a HUGE gash in his thigh. the damned rats got to him. i was so upset... jon went to the phone book and found an emergency vet. it was way up in shingle springs. we took aristotle there (it was 10pm), they washed him off and gave us some antibiotics (for him) and told us if it goes black to bring him in the amputate. my poor baby :(

he's looking really good now. it's all scabbed up and he's walking on it. the foot still flops and it's obviously broken but he's using it. animals are weird. don't give a crap if they've broken something, keep on running on it. crazy kids.

so today was my third day at the new job. the stupid power went off because of this monsoon tornado we're having and the boss sent us home cuz after 45 minutes it started getting real cold. i'm data entry so i couldn't do any work and i was getting bored even tho i was reading for my stupid sociology class. god that reading's retarded. "the water is irrigated by pipes and is spread out by the dam. the dam blocks the water. due to the dam, the water is blocked and water does not flow." oh my shitness. so i'm home now. good thing power's still on here. even the phone lines were down at work. i'm only 4-5 blocks away from work. i'm so happy power's here. i better click "update journal" before it goes out. uh oh. jinxed myself...

new job. it's fun. typing typing. kinda hurts staring at a screen for so long, but yeah. i like it. i'm really upset i couldn't type today :( i was looking foward to it. i'm so wanting to get all the files done and be caught up. but noooo. stupid power :(

i FINALLY got a pink sunshine buddy. i've been wanting one since i went to l.a. with jon and jie for dennis' wedding here's what it looks like:

now i'm stupid and bid on multiple items (i'm an ebayer) and so i won another one... but she sent me the wrong one. this one's head bobs front to back. it's ugly:

oh yeah. desk pic. here's a couple:

and it's messy, but here it is now all finished and stuff:

the lan on saturday was pretty bad. jeremy got really angry (angry drunk) and was threatening people. at one point he was screaming at the top of his lungs at a black bear on the t.v. screen calling it a nigger. it was real special... he almost punched in jon's face and was getting ready to argue with paul. he got sick, jon got sick, and... i think someone else got sick... i can't remember. but there was just pukin going on. i uploaded the pics already. didn't feel like reading :) anyway... i should get to reading now. damn it. stupid studying. late.

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