February 27, 2005


8:25 AM

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Dija notice the new changes? I added my xanga entries I've done since... er... September. Damn. Yeah, I've still got my Myspace ones too. I've got quite a few there, but a lot of them are repeats and stupid survey things. Anyway...

Quite a bit of crap's gone on but I don't feel like updating today, just felt like doing an actual jourants entry so it isn't just xanga xanga xanga all the way since September... but those are sooo easy since I have no coding to do. But now it's just cut and paste so I'll do that I guess. Yeah. Whoo... came back from a LAN at Lee's house and then showered and now's now... so Jon and I gotta sleep still. Think I'll do that.... er.... now.

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