March 14, 2004


2:47 PM

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally getting carpal tunnel. uuuhhh nossogood. yeah. quite bad actually. hurts :( i'm going to get one of them braces to hopefully help and i'll get a gelly mousepad for work. maybe work'll pay for it. it IS work related. and if i get hurt then it'll be worker's comp. anyway. so my tastebuds decided to die on me. i can't taste much anymore. well i can taste it, but it's all quite... bland. like jack-in-th-box. i ate a sourdough jack for the first time in like 6 months. something like that. well it was... blah. not "mmm. grease. sooo good. cheese. bacon. burger. meat. bread... yuuum" like it should be, it was just "eh, juicy bread and greasy food. cardboard." it was sad. same thing happened at burger king the other day too. i'm sad. i want things to be yummy. hey, maybe it's my body's way of telling me to stop eating so fucking much. maybe. my tummy's around 26-28" now. chunk.

yesterday jeffrey was here for mathcount. well, jonathan, daddy and amy-mom were here too, but it was for jeffrey. dude, these kids are crazy. they're called "mathletes". how funny is that. mathlete. hee hee. anyway. so there'll be a problem like "suzie is 15 times older than sam who is 2 years older than frog who is 5 months older than grace who is 3 days younger than hippo who is 4 times older than zeerah who is 2 weeks younger than daisy. frog is 4. how old is suzie?" and in one second right after the guy finishes reading the question a kid'll buzz and answer correctly. and then there's another question that was like "on the planet zarp, there are 14 months in a year, 51 days in a week, and 3 weeks in a month. how many days are in a year?" and before he even finishes reading it (it's displayed on a board) then the person buzzes and answers. it was crazy shit. craaazy. jeffrey didn't make it to the craaazy level. infact i think he did quite bad. i don't remember. but it's ok. he beat out other people who wanted to get to the state level from his school. go bro! go bro, go go go bro... yes. anyway.

so we go to leatherby's for a "snack" at 4pm and there's this pathetic looking homeless woman on the side of the place. jie and i got kettle corn from daddy and stuff cuz they went to the farmer's market and got two mongulous bags of it. daddy SO wouldn't approve of us giving it to a homeless woman, and the bag is like 15 feet long, and so jie and i were frantically trying to put some in a smaller bag. the bag was huge, but it was more compact. well, there was a hole in the bag. popcorn got ALL over my car that i just paid $20 to wash. it was so perfect and clean too. anyway. so we dodge daddy and i go up to her and go "do you want some kettle corn?" and she looks at me, snarls, and goes "i don't eat that crap." uhh... ok. be picky. little bitch. starve to death, see if i care. yeah, and same thing last time i was at walgreens. first time there was a guy out there. i was in walgreens and saw these blankets for $5. so i came out and was like "do you want a blanket?" and he was all "SURE!" cuz it was all chilly out. i took him inside and he chose one. then i asked if he wanted a snack, like chips or something. he goes and chooses a $4 sandwich. greedy. oh well. he ate it and was grateful. well i go home and then this asshole speeds pass me after i open the gate and then takes my spot. soooo pissed. then some other shit happened and i was more upset. anyway, so this time i go and there's a different grubby man out there. jon refuses to let me ask him what he wants cuz "it'll start conversation" and so i had to guess. i chose a turkey sandwich and some juice. i come out and give it to him and he looks at me "uh. thanks." and puts it on the ground and continues to ask for money. what an ungrateful ass. these homeless people. i swear. i should stop helping people. they're all ungrateful and nothing good comes out of it for me. i'm not asking for like millions of dollars or something, i'm just asking for... a parking spot. come on. is it really asking for that much? i give someone my hard earned money and i get shat on. doesn't seem right to me.

after leatherby's we went to my place and i showed everyone nosy. he flipped out and jumped away and flew around the place. made my brothers and step-mom crack up. daddy was flipping out tho "great. it's out. you'll never get it." well i cornered him and caught him (i think he was all woozy cuz it was still sleepy time for him) and brought him over to let people pet. daddy poked him and didn't say anything. the boys and amymom thought he was soft. i put him back in his cage cuz he was fidgeting and jumping like crazy and it was had to hold him. took out aristotle and let him down to walk and i showed everyone his sad little foot. aristotle's walking on it now and it doesn't look SO bad, but it IS inflamed a little and pink. very pink. so daddy's all "ok, put him back now." "ok, he's been out enough, put him back." aristotle ran under the table nosy's on and then he just kinda chilled there. "great. you'll never get him out. see? you should put him back." dude, my dad was flipping out and freaking out. so terrified of the little fuzzies. it was sad. well i got aristotle after a bit of his running around and then hugged him and put him back. the kids, amymom and i played some smartmouth while daddy and jie napped. jie's all sickly. oh shit, she was on my bed. damn it. now there's germs all over. oh well. daddy kept putting his feet on jonathan. jonathan was throwing hissy fists. amymom started kicking ass in smartmouth and my energy was falling and i started losing real bad. at 6:30 daddy woke up and was all "OK, let's eat" and we're all "noooo" cuz we had just ate 15 pounds of ice cream (each) and daddy's still all "wake up jie jie, betty" and i didn't wanna cuz she's sick and needed sleep but he went in my room and woke her up himself. she came out looking like shit and we left. waits for food were ridiculous but after driving to three places and making different reservation things we went to california pizza kitchen. it was good. we had good food (i had a salad, some appitzer and a piece of philly cheese steak pizza, the best pizza in the entire world. ok, well in the u.s.) and we had fun. i did a kick ass parking job. after dinner they went home, it was like 9pm. late... they wouldn't get back till like 11pm. but it was a good day. there was a homeless man outside of the place asking for change. jie offered him the popcorn. he was greatful and took it and was skipping and happy. poot. whenever jie offers they're grateful. when i offer they're asses. whatever.

ok, i guess i'll type in some more files now. *sigh* i'm so doing crappily in school. tonight i'm supposed to go to some middle eastern restaraunt for sociology and then write a paper on it. yay. stink food. pish. oh well.

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