March 17, 2004


3:40 PM

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E.O.T.Y. Party 2005. there's a date. June 11, 2005. actually, it'll be that weekend. people can show up on friday, party sat, and leave sunday if they like. we're gonna do pool, food, tent, sleepover, crazy stuff. still debating if there should be alcohol. probably should even tho before we never did. i'll see. gotta butter up (ew) uncle phil tho and make sure i can do this.

discovered a pet peeve that was always there but now it's really showing... singing to the radio. i HATE it when fucking females sing to the radio in their little "oh i'm so embarassed of my voice" or "i'm such a good singer but i'll sing quiet" voice that's all quiet and raspy and extremely high pitched and jesus fucking christ it's annoying. colleague does it. she also pops her gum 5 million times a minute. i want to sock her in her face. shit.

yesterday in soc class they randomly got in a religion debate on what's right, what's wrong, and what's valid, and other shit that is NOT sociology of the middle eastern countries. this fucktard arnold (that's such an ugly name) was all "ok, i've stepped into other people's shoes and so i KNOW what other religions are like" blah blah blah, that's not possible cuz he's fucking christian ... "we're all like little buddhas" ok not YOU... "but all i have to say, is that if you haven't met jesus, i suggest you do so, and soon, because he is our lord and our savior and" oh my fucking god it was so fucking annoying. "OK, i SWEAR i was in sociology class and not church" "no no, let me finish" "no, we're in CLASS" but he kept on talking his christian bullshit. god they're fucking annoying. jesus and god sure are pushy and overbearing. i don't think you can be loving and forcing. it's all a... passion i guess. like with sex, right? if a guy REALLY loves you, he's not gonna force you and he'll stop cuz he's thinking about your well being. he'll try his best to ward off the evil sex thoughts and sizzle it down for you when you go "ztop." now if he keeps pushing, and keeps shoving, and keeps overbearing you, then that isn't really love because all he's thinking about is his fucking self. how can god love everyone and be so fucking self-centered. i think he thinks so much of himself and that everyone should worship him or else they go to hell that he doesn't have enough "love" to give around. it's a pile of bull shit i tell you.

dale brought up the "order of god." that's like... take a circle. all circles are round, but what about a perfect circle? real hard to get. but we've been able to achieve the perfect circle with technology and machines and methods to make it completely perfectly round with no imperfections. now this isn't an invention, the idea was already there. that's "god." take the matrix shit. we can't just... make stuff appear. it's been scientifically proven, matter cannot be MADE, it's already there, and matter cannot just dissappear. the creation of new beings, and eventually new robots, people may say "god created them," and in a way that works out. because it's not like *poof* there's robots and people, the idea was there. we just had to work to it. so one day there will be robots everywhere. god did not create it, but in a way it did since that idea was planted long ago... we just needed the technology to get there. it's all about technology and progression in life and the ideas that are already instilled but have to be reached, that's "god." makes sense to me.

i wanted to pull a jeremy with arnold (that's such an ugly name). this one time jeremy was talking to these two girls on campus and this guy comes up to him "hey, i have something cool, man. i gotta tell you something." jeremy stops talking and they look at him. "what. what do you have to say." "i met someone. someone special." "really. who did you meet?" "god. i met GOD man. woah, it's sooo special, you have to do it. you have to MEET god." "really. god. where is he?" "he's everywhere. god's EVERYWHERE." jeremy looked at him. blinked. "oh really." "yes" "everywhere?" "everywhere." jeremy spits on the ground. "so. i spit on god." "uh.. no you didn't." "yes, yes i did. you said god is everwhere. i spit on the sidewalk. therefore i spit on god." "uh... no, no you didn't." and jeremy did one of his "SHIT, I DON'T CARE!!!!" things and shooed him away. i wanted to just go "oh really. you met jesus? i should too? where's he at? where's jesus? show me." but then again, he's a hot headed christian who only believes he is correct. loving and caring my ass. bullshit.

anyway. so that's that... i'm sure there's other stuff i wanted to write, but i can't remember. i so have nothing to do at work anymore. i finished and i'm all caught up by monday cuz i'm here on the weekends doing shit when nobody else is here and so i get way ahead and then... shit. nothing to do. so here i am at work writing in my journal. meh. oh well.

oh! the lemur! i love prosimians. the loris lemur in madagascar. ooo so cute. those big humongous eyes... those eyes... eyes... big eyes... yeah, that's about it. it's got gigundonormous eyeballies. so cute. woop!

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