March 19, 2002; tuesday

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i think i write way too much. yeah. anyway. so. let's see... what's happened since november...

winter break came and went. i didn't get a job and i still don't have any money. i went to hawaii since amity invited me to go and i was there for two weeks from dec. 26- jan 2. for new years we watched "the 10 stinkiest animals" countdown. wow. yes. the tasmanian devil is the number 1 stinkiest animal.

i'm out of the dorms and instead of keeping to my word and not spending the money from the rent of dorm i spent it on credit card bills and i only have one more month at the place i'm living at. i'm living with ken. who's ken? ken's a random guy. i pulled a tab off of a board at school and took it... $325 a month and utilities included? good deal, i'd say. yup. so not living with my sister. jon's been driving me everywhere. yeah, we're still together. when i'm not having a swing then everything's great.

spring semester started but stayed butt ass freezing. infact... it's still pretty close to that still. freezing, anyway. everything was going great and i was all focused, then i started being late a lot to art history and just started missing. i think i've missed almost every thursday for a month or two now. accounting 1 is really hard and i don't understand anything. i didn't even do the midterm. i got a "c" on my psych 5 test. my schedule:
9-10:15am art 1a (art history)
10:30-11:30am beginning weight training (machines)
12-1:15pm communications 5 (argumentation)
1:30-2:15pm beginning gymnastics (there's nothing heigher than beginning. i suck.)
3-4:15pm psychology 5
4:30-5:45pm english 1a (college composition)
6-7:15pm accounting 1 (fundamentals)

i'm doing a pageant. i already did one. the one that's over was miss sacramento county on march 2 in which rebecca bolin or something one. i wasn't very happy with that. rebecca seemed to be the "typical" person to wil, all tall and big smiley. and she had just given up her title two weeks before for miss sonoma county. i wanted a runner up. oh well. this one next is miss sacramento valley on april 6. doubt i'll get anything, but... oh well.

the other day there was a dead cat in the road and so i had jon stop and turn around so i could get it out of the road. well, we turn around and get there. i get a bag and as i get out of car, sqeaking and feeling sad and freaking out that a car will come, a semi comes over. runs over the cat. its guts spew. dark pink mush goes flying. i squeal with pain and turn and look in to the car and jon says "i told you not to look..." and then he ends up taking the bag for me and getting the cat out of the road cuz i still want it out of there because according to buddhism a being can see its body 7 hours (7 days?) after it's dead... and since the cat's body WAS intact, it couldn't have died that long ago since it was on power inn, a busy road. jon picks it up and a string of intestine follows him. he turns to me and we go back to the car thoroughly disgusted and, in jon's case, very much upset. "you owe me..." then we went and sold krispy kreme donuts for 9 hours. wasn't a good day. later on we saw "bubble boy." good movie, but there's a scene with a cow. and a semi. and guts. god, i almost threw up. "why would anyone find that funny?!" i squawk, sickened. "because, honey, most people don't see a cat do the same thing that morning." jon says. poor jon. how does he put up with me.

oh yeah. over the break jon and i adopted chick chickety chick chick b'gockock, the mini chicken that was being picked on by the other 5 chickens and since my mom and step-dad were in india jon just brought the chicken over to his house where i was staying. yeah. they went to india. so chick chickety chick chick b'gockock became our little baby but then we brought her back to shingle springs and left her outside of the cage and in her cat carrier (her new home is mephistopholes' cat carrier) and she is now a peacock. she stays the day with the peacocks and does what they do. i can't wait for her to start crowing like a peacock. uncle phil got 73 more chicks. oh wait, 70 chicks, 3 turkeys. my bad. so now there's about... oh wait... he also got around 15 or so more (huge) chickens/roosters; full grown. there's 90-100 winged animals now. not counting the peacocks. we also have two goats. they're actually pretty damned cute. we have two silky chickens... like this: froey we have two. fuuuunkyass little animals. that's it for now.

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