march 2, 2001; friday


laaaa la laaaa. ok. been a while. uh huh. anyway. went out with andre today. ca was there too. i think i officially freaked out another person. that's ok. neil went on a date-like thing with lydia today. girl that was obsessed with jim and that's jim's current girlfriend's roommate... who introduced jim to her in the first place. she's very bitter about all that. and then she asked neil to the movie today. he went and so i decided to go out. ca had no where to go so she went with me. would'a been weeeeeird without ca. neil and i are just physical now. i think it's kinda funny... he asked if it was ok with me. eh heh... hello?

chris is visiting in a week or so. the 9th. kinda excited.

john john called today and he said "hold on" and i was all excited cuz i thought it was something and i was right... he put vivian on the phone! it was soooo cute. she picked up in her cute little 4 year old voice "beeeeddy? i miiiiiss you!" it was so cute i almost died. ok, i've got eye boogers attacking my eyes and i can't see. damn boogers under the contacts.

so my boyfriend sweater shrunk about 500 sizes. pissed me off. it's now a... fits betty perfectly sweater. annoying.

we FINALLY got to go out on tuesday for star watching. it was so great. guy, jacob, sits next to me now. he came in and chose the seat next to me. he has neat eyes. he's really quiet. it got freezing up on the roof of amador hall and then jim, big guy who's kinda intimidating, came up to me "aww... betty's gonna freeze!" and rubbed my arms in that "let me keep you warm" way and it was kinda weird but then it was ok and i borrowed his jacket. we got to see jupiter's 4 moons and the clouds on it and saturn's ring and saturn and it was reeeeaaaally neat. we also saw a passing satellite. that was so cute. this little white light just went fweeeee!!!! across the sky. neato indeed. i enjoyed it thoroughly.

oh. i totally have an alphanumeric pager now. number's the same. but it works on the internet now. turns out the other one would have too... anyway. you go to smartbeep's send-a-page page and you enter my number and the message or whatever and... yeah.

daaaaamn iiiiit. ok, taking out contacts now.

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