March 22, 2004


12:23 PM

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happy 22nd birthday jon!

lets see if i can write my journal and not get caught at work. i'm not supposed to do other stuff here. apparently if i get caught they give me shitloads of work to do.

so jon and i went to rei to get a harness a while back and when he tried to look up his rei card they couldn't find it. well, we found out why. he got the actual card in the mail... they spelled his name "Jon Armptreng". wow. they got his address, ladsdowne, but couldn't get his last name. come on. armptreng? that's just awful. i mean... it's armstrong. a totally american compound name... and they screwed it up. so sad, so sad. anyway.

wrist is totally bugging me. i'm so scared of carpal tunnel... i need a doctor

i'm going to look for a psychiatrist and a couples couselor. stress is taking a small toll on jon and me. we manage to make it thru all our little rocky ship moments but recently it's been tough. we're just kinda floating there on top instead of standing above it all. psychiatrist... jie says there's this mood stablizer that works wonders. maybe i'll try it spring break or something. oh wait. that's really soon. nevermind. maybe summer. :p

damn it, it's a fucking chid commercial. i hate those stupid things. little squeaky energetic shit. i want to mash him with a mallet. damn kid. shut up! shut up shut up shut UPPPPPP!!!!! damn it. stupid radio. (i can't turn it off... it's a collegue's) oh well... atleast it's a commercial and not evergoing rap shit.

my eyelashes are bugging my eyes again. it hurts. :( i keep thinking "oh shit my cornea's scratched from my contacts" but then i remember "oh wait. eyelashes." and i move my eye lid lower and everything's happy again. i want surgery. well, not want want, but i want the damn eyelashes to get out of my eye. they're supposed to protect them, not scratch them up so i can't see. shit. now both eyes are doing it. damn it.

wrist. hurt.

tonight after school and work jon's mommy and daddy are taking us all out to dinner. marie's working so she won't be there, but it'll be jon's mommy, daddy, david, paul, jon jon jon, and me. jon and i talked to nana yesterday. well, jon talked, i stood there and smiled. it was cute. she made this uuuugly little face when we were talking about snot (i know. great topic to talk to a 90 year old grandma with...) and how paul always snorts it back and swallows and it was so funny. wish i could'a gotten a picture. then later on lady came in after jon forgot about her out front for like 20 minutes and she had been digging. jon's mommy saw her feet and mouth and her jaw dropped so far it was soooo hilarious. reeeeally wish i had gotten a photo of that. marie and i were cracking up at jill's reaction. lady's paws and mouth were sooo covered in mud (and probably cat shit.) it's so gross how dogs eat cat shit. just... "mmm. shit." nasty. makes me nauseous. like loogies. i hate loogies. oh no. tummy churn. apples! yeah. i like apples. mm. apple. whoo. close one.

pam, a woman at work, and her partner have been on this diet called the "southbeach diet" and they've lost like 13 pounds in two weeks. mommy's gotten like 10 other collegues and me to join her and we're all doing it too now. well, starting next week :P phase one is two weeks and it's all protein and stuff. meat, chicken, tuna, stuff like that, no bread, no sweets, no fruit, vegetables but not carrots... i thought i'd die without pasta (oh yeah, no pasta) but then mommy said it's just two weeks and i'm like "pish! sure. i'll do it." they said that it starts with the belly. that's all i want to lose. well, that and my leg flab. ugly legs. yuck. hopefully it'll work. jon says i'm always talking about my weight. apparently i am. i hate it. so i really hope it'll work. i'll drag jon into it too. we'll diet together and get rid of our 20-pudge. you know, the i'm-20-my-stomach-is-growing-now flubber. i'll write how it goes. you know i will. either complain or be happy.

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