march 25, 2001; sunday

10:21 pm

nick came up friday as he said he would and we went out for dinner. it was cloudy. the morning and day was soooooo beautiful. best day in... since i've been here i think. i woke up at 6am cuz ca was making sooooooo much noise (if both nostrils are clogged, breathe out of your MOUTH damnit...) and i couldn't fall back asleep. so i did a solar observation for astronomy, got another referral sheet for the r.a. position thing, and went to ceramics. i've been doing a lot of art stuff lately. avoiding being in the room. i just seem miserable in there. it's so... closed. i don't know. i don't like it. so yeah.

went out to sushi at 8ish. afterwards he drove around aimlessly and we tried to find a park to hang out at. we ended up giving up after not finding two differernt parks out of 5 tries. stupid road signs. they lie. well he parked at like 2am or something and we took turns pissing behind the car. i've never peed so much in my life. and ofcourse it was while crouching outside. it was great. well when he got back in he told me to look up. there were three deer. then we looked again and there were a ton more. there were so many. it was really neat. we stayed there till 3:30am or so and i was dead tired. he drove me back here and he went to his friend's to sleep and he called at 9am saturday.

he got here around 11am and we looked at a few pictures and then drove. for some reason it took till 2:30pm to get home. we went to his place and watched tarzan. i love that movie. eeer? aaaaaaar? heeeeeeee he heeeeee haaaaaaa. i love it. later on nick went out to smoke (yeah, i know... but for some reason it didn't bug me nearly as much. i think it's cuz after the first few my nose was deadened :p whatever...) and asked me to come out and i looked at the pool and wanted to jump in. but i didn't wanna go in my pants. he said he'd get me some shorts and threw 'm at me from the second floor, and brought down a towel. i'd already changed by the time he got down and he picked me up and pretended to throw me in. ok, just so you know it was quite chilly out. and the water wasn't exactly luke warm either. yeah. so then we did this little "you were gonna throw me in weren't you?" "noooo... i wouldn't do that?!!?!" and stuff and then i said "yeah... cuz... i'm jumping in." "uh huh. sure." "yeah. right now." and i walked to the edge of the deep end and jumped on in. i swear. the numbers 51 degrees came in my head. shit it was cold. but the facial expression i got from him was SO great. ohmigod. i got out and he was like "holy shit... damn... you got BALLS girl... i haven't even gotten in that pool yet" (the water was pretty nasty) and he said how he respected me and stuff. ha ha. riight. well i took a shower and jie came over and we went to get nick's friend royce (cuuutey) where we played in his roommate's japanese sand box thing and we went to santa cruz where it was raining to make a bonfire (i love how weather loves me) but we ended up going and walking on the beach in monterery (we went there since santa cruz was pouring) and we walked on the shoor in the drizzling dark. it was 8ish. i had fun. we went back to nick's and went to sleep. at 3ish.

jie got up at 7am and went to traffic school. royce, nick, and i got up at around 9am and... oh. we went to eat breakfast. royce is funny. quiet kinda. reminds me of joe. i lost korn doll's eye :( after that we went back to nick's and then dropped me off at amity's. they met and then nick and royce left and i helped amz pack a little and we went to valco to get brad a little thing from fredrick's. *wink wink nudge nudge* and i got some shirts and sunglasses from hot topic. went back to mommy's and then jie came back and we went to daddy's, ate, 7pm, drove back, now.

i had fun this weekend. neil didn't get to me that much... well... not really at all... and i got to go out. haven't done that in a while. it was nice. next week i think we're actually going to the beach. if it's warm. we were talking today and i think we're going camping the weekend of break. i'm excited. i've never gone camping before. we'll go in a big group. i can't decide if i like him or not. he's kinda a mix of the guys in the past. wow... that sounded bad. like there's a million or something. but... yeah. he talks a ton and pays attention to me and he'll cuddle but not over-do it. he's more sarcastic than me. i still can't really tell when he's being sarcastic or not. it's kinda fun tho. i just don't really take many things seriously. it's supposed to be fun anyway. so we joke around and stuff. he keeps calling be becky cuz the first time i called him he thought i said my name was becky and since then he's thought that so he can't remember betty. and he calls me babe. that was annoying. but he stopped kinda. just does it to tease me... but he'll stop. i'll make him. >:] *sigh* i had a good weekend. i needed it.

dunno how i feel towards neil either. i'm not nearly as bitter or angry or wishing evil angry thoughts cuz of this weekend (*sigh*... fresh air is good. oh. the sighs are those good ones filled with nice clean air. not a sad sigh. yeah.) but i'm still jealous i guess. but i'm gonna try and let it go. he likes elizabeth. that's that. moving on. right. so that's it.

my allerigies are being a bitch. if any of you reading this go to the store, please look for "dimetapp 12-hour extend tabs" for me. and if you find them, BUY THEM FOR ME!!!! i NEEEED my dimetapp. only stuff that's ever worked for me and hasn't made me so drowsy i pass out before they work. i don't want the gel caps, or pills, i want the tabs. blue shiny things. yeah. i can't find them anywhere. it's making me an-gah-lee. i have a feeling that this spring/summer's gonna suuuuuck :( ca's dying too.

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