March 26, 2003; Wednesday


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i think it'd be neat if the house moved. no no, hear me out. you know, like in the car, how you can have it on vent or circulated air? well, that only works when it's moving, right? so yeah, the house would move and so no electricity would be needed, and so i could turn on the air and then boom, clean air. well, it'd be stale for a little, you know how it is when it comes thru the vents after sitting for a while, it's all dusty and stale and nasty, but then it's just air. and it wouldn't be wasting electricity. and then i could make it a little warmer if i wanted, and it would just depend. and then i could make it turn off if i want. but no no, the only way i can get my air is thru the windows. and if it's cold, i just have to deal with the stuffy house, or else use the electricity/gas. poopers.

i quit copymax. yeah. about time, eh? march 12th was my last day on payroll.

i had to drop my first class in school since i wasn't making it there on time at 10am. i've missed four classes in a row now for the 11am class. dude, i suck. i've been really tired lately. not too good.

didn't get anything in the pageant.

i hate ugly people.

you know, charities ruin it for other charities. i mean, so i donate some money to march of dimes since they gave me these cute address labels... $20 for like 30 labels. a rip off if you ask me, but hey, i donated, not bought, so it's all good. but then every month now they're sending me some more crappy labels (they're getting ugly now, no longer cute) and so i'm stuck with these ugly labels and these "please donate money! children who are dying are dying! save them with your $20! we're giving you this generous present of 30 address labels! they're ugly! give us money!" and it's like... naaaarrrgh!!!! what the hell. and then all these other companies are all emailing and calling and sending me crap mail for money. jesus. it's like homeless people. you give some money out of the kindness of your own black heart and suddenly all the homeless people and charities come after you. wolves i tell you.

jon turned 21 on the 22nd. wow. we're getting old... i'll be 21 in a little more than a month. freaky stuff... ca is 21 this saturday... yeeeeesh.

i think jon's getting me a pretty for my birthday. not for commitment, but just for pretty sake. cuz i've been asking for one and telling him how much i like them for ages and eons. one just to shut me up, i guess. i like pretties. shiiiny. :) i dunno. if i don't get one then i'll just... live. i don't NEED one. ofcourse not. i just like the shinieness. and hey, april's my month. so then they'll be on sale.

managing a webpage and domain's so annoying. i have to keep switching and crap to keep a good domain and find one that has good uptime and crap. dude. painintheass. gaaar.

i "borrowed" a wireless keyboard/mouse thing from radioshack... i bought them on credit and i'm gonna return them soon. they're fun. i made the screen all big and the fonts huge and i did parts of my paper on my bed. then my eyes hurt and so i'm back at the desk. i have to remember to return these... $80. daaaaaaaaaaaaumn. i want one now. i think i'll check out compusa everyday for the sales and stuff. get me an ergonomic one. eeeeh? eeeeeh? yeeees.

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