march 6, 2001; tuesday


i totally forgot to say that my mom saw my tattoo. she wasn't THAT enraged. still upset tho. what's done is done... oh well.

friday amity and heather are picking me up and we're going to heather's and then saturday we're going to the galleria. some huge mall, supposedly. we'll see. chris is coming friday night at 10:56pm but i wont' be able to be there at the airport. i won't see him till monday when i come back... sucky. but i gotta hang with amity and do my stuff. i'll see him later... he'll be here a while. continuing. sunday i'm training home packing up shit and monday's a gum doctor appt. wee. i need to go tho. i finally got an appt. took mommy forever to get it for me. but i got it so it's good. yay! :) our house is getting really emptied out. jie says there's only like 2 forks left and all the dishes are being sold or packed away. i had to salvage the pretty white cornywear (whatever it's called) for me cuz i love it greatly. so that's mine. unless uncle phil took it out to be sold again. my desk was just sold.

i'm supposed to be in witchcraft now. it's so boring. i stalled. at 1:20 i started eating cereal. then it was 1:30... class started. i don't like being late to class so... i just didn't go. i know, bad. oh well. if you were in that class you'd understand.

fresh pair of contacts today. soooo nice. i can see again.

i've been having really weird dreams lately. i'll wake up all sweaty and freaked out. i've had dreams i've tried to beat people up but i can't. i'm too weak and i can't reach them or hit them hard enough. it's so frustrating and i wake up upset. i'm sill tired. i woke up at noon thirty. i gotta get in shape.

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