april 17, 2001; tuesday


i cut my hair allll by myself cut my hair today. i think it's ok. a bunch lopsided in the back but... oh well. i had a nice little "i suck and my hormones are flying and i want a guy but i can't find one i want" attack and went out and let it out for 1/2 an hour. i had taken my sleeping pill an hour before that and afterwards i was exhausted but i was thinking so much that i couldn't sleep. so... then i got the little thing i stuck on the main page. i was so tired that i didn't want to be awake... but i couldn't sleep. so i took a shower and came online and chatted with kevin. he was being all cute and stuff and flirting with me and the fact that he was there and i knew that he gave a damn about me made me feel better and i stayed on and did a crossword puzzle. kevin spelled "ok" "okeigh"... it was funky and amuzed me. i was dying and by the time it was 1am i was ready to pass out and i hit the hay. oh... i took my pill at 9pm. i usually fall asleep an hour after. heh. didn't work this time.

it's annoying being a girl sometimes. i'm so hungry. oh yeah. i got a cut on my face cuz i was trying to set up the entertainment system at mommy's new place. it's really nice there. i like it. it's one of those movie houses that are "perfect"... it's sunny and airy and it just... seems to nice to be a house. vacation home maybe but... i dunno. the stuff from our old house seems to totally fit the house too. it's pretty neat. i love mephistopholes. he's the cutest cat in the entire world. and he loves me. he sleeps with me whenever i'm there.

i like flintstones vitamins. they're yummy. it's one of those aquired tastes i guess... nasty as a kid but afterwards you remember them and it's like... a memory thing... and after being forced to eat them i like them.

i haven't really had a full on rant lately. i guess i'm just too tired to put one out. one will come sooner or later.

i went rollerblading to look for a camera yesterday. god i thought i was gonna die. i have a pair of oldschool rollerblades from a million years ago and they don't roll very well but it's faster than walking. well. i was going along and i swear i almost fell a million times. but i didn't. and i found a good camera for mommy to buy me :D yup.

i've gotta go eat something. i think i'm going to go throw today. i haven't thrown in ages.

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