April 17, 2003; Thursday


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i love my chinchilla. cute little nosy. i started a new section of "favorite things" of mine called choices. playing around with tables and stuff.

oh. so guess who i got mail from? mm hm. you got it. cystic fibrosis. they want my money. surprise surprise. look, if i HAD money, i'd share. but i don't. so i don't. stop bugging me, dammit. i'm on all these lists now. i'm a "giver"... but i'm not! i'm a taker! i want want want! i don't GIVE. what the hell. i do it once and now i can't take it back. damn.

i must say that typing is fun. unless i have a bad keyboard. look.

i kick butt. i was playing workshark from popcap.com and i got a mongo high-o score. i was off of the map and in the bermuda triangle. that's how awesome i am. oh yeah. i'm so cool. anyway. i think that's it for now. oh. on spring break. it's over now, but i was on it. well it's not OVER over. it's just over tomorrow. i work tomorrow. sucky. i'm tired. i sleep so much. i have prooooblems. so much sleep. you'd think 8 hours is enuf. no no, i need the full 14. yeah. i'm only UP 8 hours a day. so sad so pathetic i know, oh well.

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