april 18, 2001; wednesday


i just ate a whole jar of pickles. i can't believe i did that. it's disgusting. but... oh... so... good... yeah. anyway. went clubbing today. ca came too. 10pm-1:30am... straight. it was great fun. got some of my anger/energy/fire out. sweated waaaay mongo muchly... so... yup. i'm saying that's the reason for the massive pickle consumption. afterwards (2am) we went to denny's (jie, ca, me) and i ate 8 chunks of lemon. a girl gave me another that she'd been holding and she had weed residue on her hand. i almost puked. it was seriously natsy. bleeeeah. talked with a guy that was at the rage... mike. he was totally gay but then he deiceds to go "well, you can't have me cuz i'm gay" or something and it's like... um... yes. we knew that. but that's ok. he was fun in a peverted gross way. i've been sitting in my underwear for a while now. got back at 3am and i should've showered then but... nope. didn't. so now i'm here. uh huh. i'm seriously gross. well i don't smell. but i sweat so much dancing and stuff that i KNOW i'm dirty. but i'm all dry now so i don't feel it. buuut... yeah. i know i'm not gonna be able to move thursday. and there's a rave friday that ca's asking me to go to.

yeug. kinda feeling the pickles now. buuurn... woah. dude. i'm kinda starting to hear things. i got up too early today. 9am. didn't need to either. and i didn't eat much. just... trail mix and jelly beans. oh! i had a strawberry crepe. and then i had some crisscross fries. maybe 10 of 'm. then the salad at denny's. italian dressing. sour. salt. mmmmmm. ow. no. no more sour and salt. i just consumed 73% of the daily value of sodium in the jar of pickles. vision's furthering away. everything looks small. i think... it's time... for a shower. i'm glad not many people are outside at this hour. (or as ca says... "or so you think...") would'a blinded a bunch of people with my white assy legs. ha ha. ok. it's time to shower now. i need bed time.

oh. went to ceramics for two hours, didn't throw a thing i could keep. sooo frustrating. couldn't do it. in astronomy lab i discovered the cute guy(jacob)'s got a girlfriend. of 15 months this thursday. ouch. oh well. he's still cute and a fun guy. i'll just oogle at the other guy who's nice to me and rarely talks to me so i won't know about a girlfriend. shower.

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