april 19, 2001; thursday


damn it. hair's mongo shorter now. not like... ear short. but i tried trimming it again to even it out a bit cuz ca says it's uneven and now it's another 1 1/2 inches shorter. i don't want you to see it :(

there's a thing called a foam party coming up the 4th of may... sounds pretty neato... altho it goes up to 5'... i'd die if that happened... but yeah. it's at the cal expo for $12 and the website's at http://www.efoamparty.com. sounds neato :)

i'm so sore now. my sides are killing me. my knee was totally jacked yesterday and it took me 30 minutes to get to my 5 minute away class but today it's a bit better. sides are killing me tho. i've been really tired lately. sickly feeling too. head hurts. i think i exhausted my body. and i'm also pretty depressed. damn nick. damn him i say. i gotta get over it...

kevin's coming over saturday after the r.a. interviews and am/shopping. i dunno what we're gonna do. i don't know much around here. oh well. maybe a miracle'll happen and i'll get my movies :) i orderd 5th element and romeo and juliet. gooood movies. i like. eh... r and j's a bit to chick flicky tho... and 5th element i think he's tired of... oh well. i still have other old school movies. if we must... we can watch the cartoons. gotta love the old disney. i'm so tired. i was gonna die in class again today. sooo boring. he said it'd be a quick lecture and we'd get out early. nope. he lied. got out the same as always.

tried to defrag the computer to free up availability. i was all exicted to check and it was at 76%... then i rebooted and it was at 50% again. well duh, silly betty... programs were all closed when defragging. it did nothing. pissed.

i need to tan my legs. my tummy's gotten tan but my legs are white as white can be. kinda sickly lookin.

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