april 2, 2001; monday

12:17 am

i had a really nice weekend. best i've had in a while. long while. i went home on thursday night since there was no class friday (cesar chavez day) and nick picked me up at the station. i ended up staying there every night but saturday. that was the only not so great day of the weekend. but i'm over that. friday we went to the beach. it was nice. we played with dakota. waves were freeeezing. i got my swimsuit and stuff from delia*s. i like my swimsuit. it's cute. after the beach we came back and i got in the pool for a bit and then... i think that's it for that day.

saturday we went swimming again. wolfgang (the guy who owns the place)'s daughter, sherry, had her friends over and these 11 year olds were there. about 5 of 'm. oh. they were there for somma friday too. they all like nick. speshly this one named anna... she's 11 years old and 5'7". taaall. taller than nick. haaa haa. *ahem* anyway... i got tan. damn. yeah. i have a tan tummy now. i'm gonna start working on my legs. they're soooo damn white. it's kinda blinding. after swimming nick dropped me off at valley fair where i met up with amity and brad. we went shopping in the new area. holy shit it's huge. sooo weird. i got lost in my own mall. it was horrible. got nick a hat and me two shirts. "boy beater"'s on one of them and the other one's just green. i like it. i'm totally a beater. i get happy or something and i'll beat the guy next to me. ha ha. um... yes. well. i was supposed to get directions to nick's and amity would drive me there but he never answered and his roomies kept answering and he was "busy" and then i waited after leaving messages and he never called. all i knew was that he'd had alcohol in him cuz he was talking weird and he told me he'd dranken some. well i called at 12am or so and jeff (roomate)'s brother picked up and said nick was asleep. greeeat. said he'd passed out. heh. ok. so i didn't go back. i just stayed at amity's. i was pretty pissed. ok, understatement. i was seriously majorly pissed. he called me up at 4:30am and apologized and said that they'd fed him grape juice and had put vodka in it and he drank like a bottle or something and didn't know it (uhh... yeah...) and so when he was "in the bathroom" he was hugging the toilet and he passed out at like 10pm. he'd tried to jump out the window to the pool and the window was closed. i can totally picture it too. funny. kinda. but yeah. so he got plastered. it was his weekend tho. i got over it.

brad took me back to my house today (brad's so great... i owe him now. i love how am and him get along so well. it's great.) and i got mommy's car and drove to nick's to get my stuff. he was all hungover and stuff. he said sorry a million times and then we went back to my house where i had to pack the rest of my stuff and he was a poo. tired i guess. so when i was done we took a nap and then i dropped him off at royce's house at 2:45pm and ed tyce came over at 3:45pm. he's a photographer guy. i got some modeling shots done today. got $80 or so for two hours of pictures. guy was weird. kinda spooky. jie went to pick up nick while i started taking pictures cuz we ended up just staying at home and taking pictures in the back yard. nick was making faces the whole time. it was funny. i dunno if i'm getting prints. i think i might. i'll see. i felt so stupid. i can't do toothless smiling with "wide eyes." just doesn't work for me. well, finished that at 6pmish and i signed a contract thing and jie brought nick home and we went to daddy's to eat a bit. then jie drove me back here. i was gonna drive here cuz i was totally awake before dinner but then i got in the car and half way to milpitas i got this pain in my tummy and i felt really sleepy and my vision blurred and i thought i was gonna be sick. so i pulled over at milpitas and poor jie had to drive the way there and then i only drove like 1/2 an hour at the end and jie got no rest. i dunno what happened to me. it was really strange.

so i decided that i think i like nick. still not sure, but i think i do. i had fun this weekend hanging out with him (not getting stiffed on saturday, but... yeah.) and i'm looking foward to seeing him again. he totally calls me and talks to me. we had this loooong conversation saturday night and we talked all night. it was nice. he seems interested in me too. and he says it a lot cuz he knows i'm skeptical of guys and he tries to ensure me that he's not like all other guys and he's "different." saturday killed that, but he insists he really didn't mean for that to happen and he's really upset about it. i haven't really thought about neil much. and that's good. cuz if i'm away from a person i can forget about them and not think about them. so things are looking better.

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