april 26, 2001; tuesday


ah. nice rant yesterday. i enjoyed it. wasn't as good as the ones i've had in the past, but that's ok i guess. so turns out the credit card didn't go thru yesterday for my handspring... but i sold the new one... so... i bought a new one with a new credit card. oh yes. becoming a college student. learning the meaning of "debt." it's fun :)

filled out the app. for a temp. job today. wednesday is the interview stuff. weee! fun. i REALLY need a job. i hope i get it.

i got romeo and juliet today. it's a good movie. the one movie that i think leo was good in. he and claire are so great for it. so flowy. not in the beginning tho. claire sounded all choppy in the beginning.

i keep burping. gas in the tummy. i think i ate too fast. prolly. mmmm. big mac. goood. yum.

julian started teaching me how to stand on a skateboard today. so i'm getting all excited and i'm gonna buy a board first chance i get and... listen to me spending money again. oh well. i want i want i want! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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