April 2, 2003; Wednesday


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gave the keyboard back. instead i now have a wireless mouse and a normal board. dude, i'm SO barely working. i make like $400 a month. rent is almost $450. oops. good thing i'm spoiled and have back up money from me uncle, mummy and pop pop...

was 30-minutes late to my 50-minute final today. i finished on time, but i guessed on most of them.

so on the 29th (of march) jon and i went to the bay for ca's bday. it was pretty fun. relaxing. we layed in a hammock (jon and i) for two and a half hours. it was so nice. i gotta get one'a them thingers. niiiice. i drank a bit of some apple vodka (mm. fruity) and jon had a pina colada. i don't know how to do an n with a tilde in html. jon liked it. the alcohol seemed strong in it. ca got to a blood alcohol of more than .12. she was pretty funny. jon got a breathalizer so i'd get off his case... i always go "no! you can't drive! you've been drinking!" and he goes "i'm fine!" and it's just bad. anyway. he was at 0.0 when he drove but then i took over anyway. we left the bay at like midnight.

the drive back took two and a half hours. i drove 65mph on cruise the whole way, except for the small stretch on 5n. traffic randomly slowed a little... then we passed by like 5 million flares. i looked a little and jon looked... there was half of a car on the right side. yah. just half. the front. the back was gone. no idea. didn't see the back anywhere. i didn't see any rubble or crap either. i tried seeing if there was another car, and i saw there was one a little farther up but the front was just a little dented. there were two cops... cops were coming still from the other side of the freeway, so this all probably only happened within like 10 minutes before we got there (they had to get the flares out and all)... and there was no goose-neck traffic. crazy shit...

my domain is set for two years or so and my site is going well at the hosting i'm at now (anhost.com) and so things should start stabling out soon. let me know if you spot any problems.

my cousin, john-john, gave me his play station (one) for my birthday. early, i know, oh well. i wanted it now. so now i have the cute little white playstation one. and almost 200 or so games. oh yah. mod chip. mmm. tasty. so jon and i flip thru to see if any games interest us besides the obvious ape escape and klonoa. oooo. spyro. ooo. parasite eve. ok. so we pop in parasite eve. what the hell was that. i swear. it was as if someone rolled a ball of dissappointment, hurled it, it flew and got momentum of 150 mph, and then thwacked us both in the head. wtf?! it was seriously a lame game. this chick walked at like 1mph and couldn't even jump. she could smack the shit out of rats, but that was about it. shooting was stupid. you can't go on a rampage, you can only shoot in melee battle. laaame!!!! jon's sleeping. he's so adorable. my pookie. well we get this key or something off of a dead scoured acting clown body and this stupid parrot is there and i want to shoot it but i can't. i unlock some door and this psycho actress bitch, eve, is there... so i'm at the end of the game already? well she whacks me with her special evil bitch power ray and i die. game over. ok... gamed over in 45 minutes. and 40 of those minutes were just getting the stupid character to walk to where i wanted to go. gaaaah!!!!

i cleaned my bathroom and room. 4 hours on the tiny 8x8 or so bathroom. sooo pretty. well, now there's hair everywhere. from the looks of it it's like a balding person lives here. the vaccum is always clogged with my/carol's hair. it's pretty gross. so every once in a while i gotta trim the vaccum. gnarly, i know. ew.

i got my annual yesterday. yummy.

why i'm like this is a good book. fun to read. well, it's a little boring now that she's an adult where i am, but it's still fun to read... it's like... dude... totally... that's what i went thru! it's fun.

started birth control from a patch last night. weeee!!!

listening to k's choice, "another year." it's pretty.

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