april 30, 2001; monday


wooooooow...kevin made me this awesome picture/painting for my birthday. i love it. it's pretty. and it's from no picture either. just... his head. sweeeeet.

friday was good. we went to the old spaghetti factory (mom, ups, jie) and then jie was totally loud about everything and told the waiter it was my birthday and stuff and it was annoying but... oh well. the waiter was fun. he was amuzed. ups asked for a diet coffee. that was hilarious. the day of my birthday was pretty boring. stayed at home (daddy's) and then we went to an expensive restaurant for dinner. i hate those places. it was ok later on tho when they played happy music. but yeah. i don't like those places. so i'm 19.

sunday john john brought jie and me to san fran. we went to the metreon and saw this ansel adams exhibit. it was fun. we went to china town and i got jingly balls. i was happy. i also got a chinese chipow dress. it's really pretty. afterwards we met up with brenda and jon (cousins) and ate dinner... sooo full... then we went home. nick came over and then i went out to greet him and he asked to go to a park or something nearby... and i didn't realize we'd be out a while... but we just went across the street to the school and were in the parking lot hanging out but jie told daddy i wasn't there and he freaked out and went out driving everywhere to find me. so then he was pissed at me and now i'm NEVER getting a car and i can't live in this apartment (oh yeah... i found this apartment that i really liked that i wanted to look in to and maybe stay at... depending on daddy...) and... yeah. daddy's no faith in me is now in negatives. greeeeat. happy. really.

so my first day or being 19... sucked. well the night did. the day was ok in san fran... but... yeah.

today was just a bad day. everything sucked. i felt like shit all day and nothing worked in printmaking. i went running afterwards and did for 40 minutes. i was gonna die afterwards. i'm so weak. here i am now. i feel like crap. not happy at all. sigh.

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