april 5, 2001; thursday


god i'm bored so fucking bored. i'm gonna die. i tried dreading my hair again. didn't work as well as last time. i tried hairspraying and frying it. nope. didn't work. it's best to just not wash it and get gross. i'm pmsing for sure. i'm all getting lonely now and secluded. i think i'm gonna go out and try to by jon. he's for sale for this frat sale thing. fun stuff. yeah. today i was walking downtown and this guy stops and stares and goes "OHMIGOD! A SUPER MODEL! IN AMERICA!!!!!" it was kinda flattering i guess. yeah. i got lip stuff. it's shiny.

9:44 am

just had a really bad nosebleed. it went everywhere. well on me. i was good about not getting it on my stuff. it was really nasty. i got up after and looked in the mirror and i had blood all over my forehead and nose. it just splattered. eeeew.

i finished my ra applicatin yesterday. *tokyo shock boy dance... hoo... hoo... hoo... hoo* i was so proud :) oh god allergies SUCK. i'm dying. i've been eating a ton lately. gaining weight. i'm gonna be like last time soon and gain 30 pounds and be a whale. or as nick says... an orcha. orca? oerkah. ha ha. yeah. anyway. so i gotta watch myself and not let myself chow down as much. i get the major munchies late at night and i wanna eat everything i see. we gotta get rid of stuff in our fridge tho cuz of spring break. we gotta defrost the fridge.

i can't wait for break to start. we're going camping on the second weekend. i've never gone before. jie and i are excited. i just hope we don't get rained out... nick wants to go to the beach for it and have a huge bonfire but then the others say they found this other place. i think the beach sounds really fun. esther said it's damn cold tho cuz of the breeze and ocean stuff. meh. i'll see. :)

i've been super tired lately. i finally figured it out when jie brought it up... i'm totally pmsing. it sucks! i think (hope) that's why i'm so hungry. i'm tired as hell too.

dude, the weather's been SO nice lately. bright, warm yet chilly, and breezy. it's kinda cold but... i love it. it's so pretty. all the trees are getting leaves back and trying to kill me with pollen but it's sooooo nice. i love it. too bad i've been super tired lately. anywhoo.

i love my hippo bennett gave me. it's super huggie and squishy and soft.

gaaaaah i need this break to come NOW! nnnnnnOW. yeah. anyway. i was gonna get my belly pierced and i want to today but then i won't be able to swim for six weeks. that'd suck. i mean... i'd be all pretty and pierced for summer in june, but for this month and next i can't swim. and that'd suck. i have such a cute swim suit. *sigh* dilemma, dilemma. yup. well... it's kinda chilly now for swimming... and... the beach is cold... so... hmmmmmmmmm... i dunno. well. i'm gonna go shower now and do some stuff. not sure what yet but... oh yeah! turn in my ra application. :) i'm seriously proud of myself for that.

oh yeah. i've been totally going insane sending messages to cell phones so if i don't have your number and you reeeeaaaaaaally want me to send one or something and you have a nokia then gimmie the number and i'll see what i find and send you a message if i find a "you" kind of message. crap. sneezed five million times just now. k. shower. oh. yesterday it was totally bleachy. then it went back to elephant pen. with a hint of bleach. bleeeah.

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