April 5, 2003; Saturday


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i got a chinchilla today. i saw one for the first time three days ago and totally wanted one. in the picutres they aren't that cute. i've wanted to see one for real but they never had them in stock and they finally did at petco, three females, and i was like "oo! my bday is coming up!" and asked my sister and mommy. i decided kinda it wouldn't be toooo great of an idea... but as you can see i didn't listen to myself cuz here i am. i went to a pet store off of auburn blvd. called "pet connection"... it's a cute little place with EVERYTHING there. a little of all animals as pets. it was neat. anyway. petsmart is the worst petstore ever. so i went to this other place and they were nice and then i was looking at the cute puppies (there was a baby pomeranian) and then i turned around and *GASP!* a woman was holding a... a... chinchilla! "a chinchilla!" i exclaimed. "yeah, loser," she probably thought. then it was brought up that they (it was a woman, jessica, and her husband) were trying to sell the little guy, nosy. turns out they had a female too and they already got rid of it cuz there's not enuf room in their place.

four hours later i decide to get him. at petco the little girls are $110ish and then the cages are like $110-$199 and then there's food and bedding and everything... i got little nosy for $100 (they were asking for $90)... and they gave me a cage, toys for the little guy, food, lava bath, food dispenser, water dispenser, igloo, bedding, alfalfa... i totally lucked out. i let him out to play in my room after i got home today and then he didn't want to come back. he was seriously mellow out in the public and then when i let him out he didn't want to be touched anymore. i was/am scared he's sad and misses his mommy :( i hope little nosy gets used to me and will play. he looks so sad right now just looking without blinking out of his cage.

tomorrow i'm seeing a show with mommy and jie jie. some chinese thing. not sure. anyway. yay! chinchilla likes treats. tee hee. cute little nosy. he's so adorable...

i gotta figure out what i'm gonna do with all my crap for my part and stuff. soooooooooo much stuff... and sooooooooooo many babies... my friend carlos is terrified of rodents... and here i have two minis, two normals, and one gigantic rodent. i guess i'll hide them all in my room. :) anyway. time to sleep now. nosy is in my room tonight. we'll see if he makes too much noise.

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