May 19, 2002; sunday

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exactly two months since the last time i wrote. i right clicked on this and instead of opening with wordpad i said "edit" and now i'm in frontpage. nelly this is funky. does everything for me! ha!

um... ok this program sucks. i'm going back to wordpad... now.

whoo. all better. so nice and cluttered. *sigh of happy relief*

i've applied for jobs and macy*s has called me back. hopefully i'll have an interview next week, the 28th. finals are this week, but my two finals are on tuesday. yup. and papers due then too. the 21st is gonna suck.

i'm still at ken's place. i got a temp. job and got some money so i paid april's rent... now i have about $80 left. eh heh. and this month sure isn't going by very slow. i need money. soon.

i got a car for my birthday. it had 51 miles when i got it... yup... spoiled bay area kid. daddy got me a brand new hyndai sonata. silver. moonroof, keyless entry, the works. it's nice... but i already have 850 miles on it. daddy freaks out everytime he hears my mileage. whaaaat? i'm avearge, right? 10-15,000 a year?

it started getting really hot and now it's randomly raining. it went from 94 on thursday to 82 on friday and now it's... raining. randomosity.

i "dropped" accounting and i'll either get a "U" or "I" or something or else an F. english is really iffy... i turned in a paper super late and she said that if she didn't get it then i wouldn't pass the course, and so i turned it in, but she never called me to let me know if she got it... i hope she did. art i'll be extremely giddy if i get a C. psych i had to write a paper to pass the class and i didn't but he said he'd accept it this week and so i squirt one out and so i should pass. gymnastics i should get atleast a B. weight training i should get an A. the teacher was so awesome. greg johnson. he is the cutest man. he said he'd go to my pageant but didn't and so he let me go easy for everything after that as if he "owed" me... which he totally didn't cuz all these people who said they'd come didn't. he's got a super cute son too. both have this crinkly-eyed- smile. sooo cute. (dopey kiddy cute) communication i hope i'll get a B... maybe an A? not sure. but an A would be nice. i need my GPA to be high so i can get a lower insurance rate. i have my 3-year super driving record, i'm female, but my GPA sucks. still, i should get a little bit of let-up, right? eh...

i didn't get anything in the pageant.

there's more animals now. well, there should be. the baby chicks are all big now and they're everywhere. the goats are still adorable and poor chick chickity is always attacked by big roosters so she's mostly on the roof. her peacock buddies dissappeared. i have no idea why the white one left, but we think the blue one is gone because he was scared away by the peakcocks that uncle phil got to "replace" the white one when she left (to keep the blue one company). well, the three new peacocks were let out so the little chickens could get out of the garage (which was quite toxic by all their crap) and into the outside cage where the peacocks were. they went off and we haven't seen them since. wild peacocks came and scared the pretty blue peacock away. now chick chickity has no one. she's scared of humans. poor thing... out baby :(

after the second half of pleasantville i was thinking tobey maguire was cute (he was quite the ugly in the beginning), but now i'm starting to get obsessed. saw spiderman yesterday. whoo. cutey. well, not when he was all beat up and half the mask was fallen off and he was all purple and bleeding, but... yeah. i want a picture of when he was looking in the mirror with no shirt on. good golly gee. whoooo eeeeee. he's got this cute dopey boy look. and you know me, well, maybe, but yeah... i go for that i mean... look at my jon ;) my little snuggle bunny scraggle puff

i had a depression session for a few weeks and jon didn't know what to do but he stayed around through my temper tantrums (yes, those things that you see 5 year old brats doing? i did that... more than once... last week...) and cry sessions and now we're stronger. he's so great. my friend karin and i talked for like an hour on tuesday and when she asked if i regret spending so much time with jon, and i realized... no. i don't regret one moment i've spent with jon. i think i'd like to spend forever with him. THINK. remember... i'm not a commitment kinda girl. i'm scared to death of marriage. the whole... forever concept? *shudder*

anyway. i'm supposed to be writing my coms final (a visual humor paper) so i should get to that (i already wrote my psych one) so... yeah. leaving. uh hunh. oh. carol and i might move in together sometime soon. yup... so that'll be... 8 times moving for me in the past two years? yeah. something like that.

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