May 1, 2003; Thursday


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21 years i am. i was so proud and went in on monday to get some mudslide for my gathering and when i got to the check out i was all smiling ready to give my id... and the checker didn't even ask for it. what, i look 56 now?! i don't need to be carded?! go ahead, kill my thunder.

recent money mongers: national foundation for cancer reserach and american institute for cancer research.

the homeless are multiplying like bunnies. i swear they're at every corner at every center divide now.

i got a shiny. jon really got it. it's pretty.

only about three weeks of school left. crazy. compter science i should be doing ok even though i've missed a million days. stats i have a 94%. oh yeah. so she gives us this take home exam and tells us a million times she won't accept any late. then she cancels class two days in a row. whatever. sculpture i just finished my final project. social work... eh... i'm worried about that class. no idea what i'm going to get.

so i wrote a note/letter to the spanish polka crap playing neighbors downstairs last month or so saying i would be having a get together for my birthday and i gave them my phone number and stuff to call me if it was too loud. what do they do? they still bang on the damned ceiling. they banged so loud that all the people in the room thought that the stereo was fucking up. alain came and brought his spinning equipment and we listened to pretty quiet music. like 20 of alains friends showed up and i only knew about 4 people there but it was still good. we made jello-shots and the blue ones went away really quick. i was thinking they wouldn't even be eaten. there were a lot of people but i mostly remember theresa, a really cute tall chick who was really nice, jesse, the guy i thought was hitting on me in the beginning but then calmed down a little and was getting all drunken and stuff near then end, and brian, a really really cute guy that i've been hoping is single cuz he's really coo laik and i would like it if i could set him up with my sister. oh but he smokes. damn it. grr. oh well. aw man, my fork just broke. jon made me confetti cake for my party. i love confetti cake. and the confetti frosting. the tasty chunks. mmm. chunks. so the next morning the spanish polka crap people played their shit extremely loud, probably to spite us. what are they, three years old? jesus. grow up.

i got up today and saw nosy was awake and i was like "yay! nosy's up!" and looked over... and he was totally sucking himself. it was so disturbing yet i kept watching. "nosy's sucking himself," i told jon. he laughed and said, "no really, what's he doing," and walked over. "oh shit, he's really sucking himself..." it was all long and pink. then suddenly he shook his head and it's as if he ate the whole penis or something because it went from two inches to half a centimeter. nooooo idea where the thing went.

some how i was subscribed to all this junk mail. i keep getting crap in my mailbox that i pay for. hotmail and yahoo mail i understand, but my own domain mail... not ok. and i started getting smut mail. that really pisses me off. stupid spammers. get a REAL job. like me. i work two days a week. maybe one. and work 5 hours a day. and do nothing. oh yes. state work. gotta love it. i'm so broke. it's pathetic. i need real job :(

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