may 20, 2001; sunday

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i like how my belly button is infected. uh huh. it's great. it's ugly as hell. suckiness. i also like how i slept alllll day today (up at 8:30pm) and didn't go outside once... and i also dressed up in a cute little skirt and did my hair too (at 1pm when i showered and got "up"... course i fell asleep at 1:30pm...)

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! jon just came in and scared the shit out of me. he's done it twice now. gaaaaaah. *duduthump duduthump* heart's dying now and going insane. i have hair on my balls now.

i'm loving apple juice. i've been so dehydrated lately. jon and jeremy are petty me like a kitty. *prrrrr*. :D jeremy pulls the scalp away but it's still kinda soooothing.

i'm listening to classical. different. i gotta pee. i think me and chris are something. he comes over all the time. we haven't gone on a real date yet but i went to his swim meet yesterday (er.. friday..) and he told people i was his girlfriend. oh god there were the CUTEST little kids there. it was seriously adorable. they all love chris. he's a kids kinda guy... all the little girls flock towards him and the little boys tackle him and use him as monkey bars cuz he can carry'm with one arm. he's such a cutey :)

i'm working in the bookstore starting monday and then going to in the summer as well. i got an apartment a few blocks away and i think it'll be nice. the bus goes right to it and so it's convenient. shit it's gonna be sooo hot over the summer... it's already getting to the 100s now. not that i'd know cuz i didn't go out today... but... i felt the hot yucky air coming thru the window when i temporarily woke up.

my hippo turned out ok but the inside of his mouth is kinda crackly and wrinkly.

so i don't have a final in ceramics or printmaking so the only finals i have are astronomy and lab from 5-9 on tuesday and then on thursday i have witchcraft from 1:30-2:45. niiice. too bad i gotta work tho... 8am-4pm on most days. yaaarg... how the hell am i getting up at 7am?! oh well. gotta do it. money money money. it's all about the money. i get to swim on tuesday! yeeea! i think i should hold off tho. belly's lookin' kinda ugly.

i keep having weird dreams and wake up all gross and sweaty. it's getting annoying. i pigged on bell peppers today and i got 'm all over my bed cutting them so now i have red pepper stains. looks like i had some weird bleeding problem. heh.

i lost my protection necklace. i'm so distraght you have no idea. i'm sad.

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