May 20, 2004


1:53 PM

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didn't go to leatherby's again this month :( but... i'm losing weight! yay! i've lost about two pounds and 1/4 inch. hey, it's a start, right? i'm waiting (hee hee. weight. wait. heh...) to be a 24" again so i can fit my dress.

xangaed the other day.

my climbing shoes hurt like hell but i'm staaarting to get used to them. ok, not really. but i can wear them for a few climbs atleast before my feet go numb and fall off. i love my pipework's shirt.

tahoe was fun. gamble gamble. mommy won $375... if she had put three coins in the slot instead of just one she woud have one $2000. poo. oh well. so after that win and the money we spent including the hotel we evened out and the trip only cost $75 :) coo coo.

still not getting up. failed anthro. don't know about other classes... waiting... today's my last final. psychology at 7:30pm. yuuuck. oh well. last test. yay! it's scantron and 40 questions so it'll take me about 10 minutes. then i'll go home and pack more. we're grinding down in time and need to pack and move like crazy.

so when we went in on friday to look at the place and get keys there was pee on the seat (same thing as when we moved into cottage bell... the carpet installers peed all over my seat in that one and in this one the carpet cleaner peed all over. what's with carpet people and peeing on the seat. sheesh.) and a fatty spot of ammonia on the carpet in the bedroom. jon was stupid and stuck his face into the yellow spot and almost died because it was such direct contact with ammonia. he felt sick the rest of the day and his eyes were watering and he almost threw up. *sigh*... hope he learned from that. but yeah. we couldn't move that weekend cuz they had to clean again so that lopped off a weekend of move time. that sucked. i was mad.

i was trying to get a moooove on (hee hee. move. move on. heh... i'm so punny!) with the moving and jon was always all "we have plenty of time!" blah blah blah and now he's like "what are you doing? why aren't you moving?" and i've been feeling bad for not moving and working as much but it's so annoying cuz i was before. i've been so depressed and stressed. i had a mini breakdown on monday. it wasn't good. i went to jamba juice tho and hung with aaron a little and it was better. i'm still feeling shitty tho. but yeah. so much to do. i'm addicted to splashspot games... mostly mahjhong... jon gets upset when i'm playing instead of working. it helps my mind wander to the game instead of wandering to ... bad stuff. i think it's better for me to do that for half an hour than to dwell on hating life. whatever. so this weekend jon's striving to move EVERYTHING out of the apartment... yeah... i have to go to a wedding (alvin) on the 21st... no wait... it's supposed to be saturday... i guess the 22nd? whatever. anyway. so jon's all upset that i'm not going to be here to pack and move. well shit, it's been on the calendar out in the living room forever. but yeah. i'm pretty upset i can't be here either. jon's getting his "gang" together and sibs and stuff and there's gonna be pastries for breakfast and soda all day and then pizza for lunch and craaaazy movage. i'll be there sunday tho if there's still stuff and aaron'll help. tuesday i moved 7 boxes... yeah, just so you know, moving sucks ass by yourself. i have short stubby arms so i could only carry one box at a time. that means that i had to go up and down the stairs at cottage bell 7 times and then up and down the stairs at the new place 7 times. yeah. crappy. well i went and got baking soda and then jon and i got some stuff at target and then we came back to cottage and matt was randomly sitting on the stairs with my movie (i let him borrow "emperor's new groove")... he helped us move two cars of stuff then at the new place jon decided to organize his papers

paper circles

(oh god we have the hugest pile of papers. er... piles) and matt and i watched emperor's new groove (well, half of it) after i put cans and stuff away. matt went home and jon and i went to bed too at cottage... it was around 1:30-2am. it was fun.

i managed to bruise my foot. no idea what the hell i did. but yeah. bruise. it's ugly.

ugly foot

oh! i filled out the fafsa and sent it in. i need to get a loan. talked to dad the other day and he just basically went off about how i'm slacking and taking too long and i'm going to fail as an adult. so i'm thinkin... screw him, i'll get a loan. screw you, i'm gettin' a loan. mee hee. yeah. so we'll see how that turns out.

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