May 25, 2004


3:58 PM

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"why are you cold? you're wearing a long sleeved skirt!" ~jon

i hate moving. it really sucks.

so yesterday we (jon and i) were moving boxes and i saw the saddest thing. first i walked by and there was a snail moving over to a dead one. each time i walked by it was closer and closer and then it was at it and it was sliming all over the dead one. and i was thinking... ok, this snail is either doing some weird snail thing after one snail dies... or else this snail is mourning. i went to jon and he said "yeah, so i stepped on a snail and then another one came out and i want to step on the other one too. what if they were lovers?" we let the live one stay there for a while and i watched it just slime around all slow and sad like around the dead squished snail and then eventually it slowly turned around and slimed away. it was so sad. the little snail was mourning. i think. ok, it was a big snail. but i moved it over to the bushes after it was a good half a foot away from the dead snail. i felt bad for it but i didn't want jon to kill it too... even if it was mourning... i don't know. maybe he should have?

i can't find anything in the new place. all of the boxes are just... there... in the living room and there's just way too much crap to put it all away. i think i'll just shove stuff under the bed again. i gotta figure out a way to block the babies from the bathroom. there's all these things on the counter now and they'd just destroy it.

so we started really hard core moving on saturday. paul, david, don, nick, eric, marie, aaron, and speedy (mini puppy) came over to help. it was nice and fun. first off paul, don and david wiped down the walls with clorox wipes to rid any extra cat dander and jon vaccuumed again cuz there was cat hair EVERYWHERE in the carpet. the walls were gross. but they were cleaned. thank you, boys. paul cleaned cob webs and spider webs from the balcony and stairs and it looks a lot better. then we started moving. box after box, trip after trip, we moved from 10am until 6pm. nick had to leave early before the afternoon pizza even got there. felt bad... jon was all "don't eat anything! there'll be food!" so he starved, moved, and then had to leave before any food :( marie and david left and then don left and eric, aaron, speedy, paul and jon and i finished one more load and then we went to denny's and i got everyone dinner and then eric, paul, jon and i went to leatherby's after for ice cream. aaron had to go home and care for the kids. so yeah. leatherby's. this woman walks in and jon goes "damn. that woman's boobs are oozing out of the fishnet." and we're like "what?" and all of us look. all i saw was a woman in a yellow jacket who looked like she wasn't wearing pants cuz her shorts were so short and boy, she should NOT have been wearing those short shorts. *shudder* yeah. ew. well eventually we saw the fishnet girl. she was pretty chunky. and her under bra thing was too tight and so the other half of the boob that was exposed oozed and was like squishing thru the white fishnet top (god it was hideous). anyway. so paul goes "ok, we gotta stop looking. that guy is noticing us. i looked over and he looked back at me." and we're like "ok" so i go up to pay the bill and jon's playing with his camera in the corner, apparently he was taking pictures of me. i'm standing in line and the guy (who was with hoochie fishnet bulge girl) goes "what the fuck?! that guy just took a picture of me!" the girl was all "what?" and he goes "yeah, that dude just took a fucking picture of me with his camera phone!" and she's all "uh... i'm sure he didn't" "no, he did!" so i'm standing there ready to text jon to put his damned phone away but then realized that'd be totally obvious cuz i'm right next to the guy. so the guy walks over to the other side of the room and calls to jon "hey, what's up? what are you doing?" and stuff. jon's like "what? me? what are you talking about?" the guy comes back to the line and the girl says "are you done?" and he says "yeah, yeah i'm done. *mumble mumble* and then afterwards jon comes out from the corner and comes to the front of the store and is like "excuse me, is there a problem?" and the guy's like "what?" and jon goes "you were yelling at me back there and i'm wondering why" and the guy says "oh, i just think you should just be spending less time looking at my girl." and i was SO ready to say "well look at what she's wearing. she wants to be looked at" or something but i just stood there and jon said "i don't know what you're talking about" as he looked at the girl's boobs and back at the guy and then "i'm here with my girl." and the guy's like "ok, cool then. alright." and then they left. yeah. paranoid much? i think so.

haven't been able to get up at all lately. about... oh... 2pm as an average? yeah, not good. i don't feel like doing anything. i'm SO going to get fired. and that'll suck. yeah.

there are two kitties at the apartment. smokey is susan, jie's friend and my downstairs neighbor's, cat and turtle is the neighbor next door upstairs with us. jon's gotten pretty close to smokey but hasn't really pet her. jon's managed to pick up turtle and pet her and stuff. apparently both cats are SERIOUSLY skiddish. yeah, smokey is, but turtle... yeah. jon got all friendly with her. i told the owners and our neighbor and he was all "what?! wow! you're a god... the owner hasn't held turtle in like a year!" wow. jon's good. whenever i'm there tho turtle runs. i think she doesn't like girls. we were moving boxes up on saturday and turtle comes flying out from the balcony, freaks out cuz there's a line of people on her getaway staircase and she jumps from the second to top stair down to the grass. "did you see that?!" and jon's dad said "no, i just saw the cat fly and take off." crazy.

my poor mommy. she broke out in hives or something. she couldn't figure out what it is. she's all drugged up and slurry. she said they gave her two shots when she went to the doctor yesterday. she said by the time she sat up it wasn't itchy anymore and she doesn't know how the hell she got in the car and came in and took a shower to crawl into bed at 4pm. she got up around 3:30pm when i called to see how she was doing today. apparently the rash is still there. she said "maybe it was the soap. uncle phil just bought new safeway soap." the rash is everywhere but her face and it started weak two days ago when they got it and now it's everywhere real bad. yeah. soap. i think so. poor mumsie doo. :( i hope she's better tomorrow.

insurance for the allergy clinic is bugging me again. apparently uncle phil fixed it. i kept getting calls saying i owed thousands of dollars and he goes "it's fixed!" and then they'd call again, he'd grunt, then call and say "it's fixed!" then i'd get a call that it was fine the a month later they'd call and say there were problems again. what the fuck. so now i have an official collections notice for $1244.50. yeah. right. my step-dad's an idiot. he better fix it. i have nothing to do with his insurance and they don't tell me anything about it. i just go to school and do my "work" and stuff. bah. i don't want to deal with my own insurance later on :p

saw shrek 2. ees goot. i love the cat hairball. great. oh yeah. mee hee haaaaaa. *hooooooorf* *hooooooooooooooooooooorf* *bleah* eeeeew. :D

jon's last final is today. well, he had two classes. his math class he had his final when i had finals week. and... he passed! and with a B! yaaaaaaaay! four years and he finally passes algebra 2. *whew* glad that's out of the way. yay :) go jon!!! woo hoo!!!! so today's his last final at like 6pm. hope he does well. it's for a class that should be a cake walk for him... like computer repair or something. but yeah. then he's done with that. we gotta get him starting on some g.e. classes.

oh. major. yeah. got an a- in computer science so jon's pushing the idea of switching to computer science. i told aaron and he's all "yeah, dude, you're already kicking ass in it. you'd do real well with that stuff" and stuff and... yeah... lots of support for it... but i'd be in school for another three years. but you know, i'm thinking, if i can get a computer science degree and a better job cuz i'd have art minor and psych minor and ... uh... business minor... and web design certificate... shit... that's a lot... but yeah... i'd have more job opportunities, and yeah. i'm getting a loan, may as well go all the way, eh? yah. so i'm thinking about it. so now i gotta go thru my catalog again and see what i want to do. still deciding if i should take italian some more or not. kinda want to but at the same time... it's getting tough. i got a b in it. right now for the semester i have a 3.1 (3.2 overall) but that's not including my f for anthro and a b- or c or c- for sociology. those haven't posted yet. oh. and my psych grade. oh wait. sociology i got a b-. psych i don't know yet. damn it. it's just scantron. come on. post the damned grade. yeah. so i'm going to look at classes now. like how i'm working hard at work with the data? yeah. me too.

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