may 3, 2001; thursday


well... it did look good.chris came over today. i was dead tired tho so i slept most of the time he was here. i remember that today witchcraft was cancelled so i was happy and i walked him to class then went to the solar observation thing.

yesterday my hair was pretty. couldn't really capture it on film tho.

zach randomly paged me to talk... weird...

i'm going to the foam party for sure now on friday. i'm gonna be a foam girl with jie. exciting :) i was looking again at apartment thingies and there's one for 15-20 bucks cheaper and it's two miles away. the guy called and said he'd keep my number incase something opened up but it's already taken... i'd be a girl with 4 guy roommies. he sounded cute. but... yeah. so i'm gonna have jie bring me there tomorrow if someone's there.

ca's alarm went off today at 3:30am and then i had to get up to turn it off. then it was hot and 4am and so i got out of my covers and my butt was flappin in the wind. turns out ca didn't close the door all the way before and it goes FLYING open. scared the shit out of me. but then it was ok. i put a sheet over me and tried to go back to bed. i'm so tired. lemmie say that more. tired tired tired i am so tired. k bye.

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