May 30, 2003; Friday


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quote of the while: "so... we have to protect people... from the people who are protecting people?" ~jon referring to the bullet proof glass protecting the abortion clinic from anti-abortionists

recent money mongers: march of dimes

went to carmel to celebrate my birthday. pictures will be up sooner or later. we happened to get there on the weekend of the arts festival. if we didn't it would have probably been boring. saturday was a bit nippy so it wasn't a good beach day. we wandered all day around the art galleries and saw some really nice and cute work. sunday it was really warm and we went to the beach for like 10 minutes. mommy bent spoons on the way there. it was nice. except for the poo. yeah. once again betty, little asian girl, clogged the toilet. we had to get this old guy to unclog it. i felt so nasty. another toilet clogged by me. mom decided it's cuz i don't drink enuf water. i never drink water. but i didn't have this problem before. :( anyway.

i'm obsessed with the matrix. kinda. i've been doing some updating on my page. there's now a jokes page. finally. and some of my picture pages are easier to load cuz i'm using thumbnails instead of mini versions of the full picture(s).

i'm at work. this guy is totally pissing me off. Earlier, he would NOT shut up. He kept following me around “mmhhmmm ok, now this will be for the paper here, and then the paper will go inside, and then inside will be the paper, and what are you doing oh putting the paper in oh you’re smart good deal paper goes in the paper box! Ok and then this next box will be the envelopes and the paper will go next to it...” jesus I was going to kill him and he kept talking and talking and talking about the STUPID PAPER. Shit. yeah.

i'm only working thursdays and fridays at dhs. all the other days i kinda flomp around... doing some errands here and there, cleaning animal cages... all of them are in the living room now. no more nosy in my room. :( i was so sad moving him out. but he's out now. i hope he doesn't get heat stroke from being in the living room where it's really warm. hope hope.

ok. that's it for now. i think i'm going to go dancing in s.f. tonight with my sister and her crew. fun stuff. jon isn't coming. he never does. he's not in to that kind of thing. i'll be in the bay until tuesdayish after s.f. eye appointment on monday. yay.

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