May 30, 2004


4:14 AM

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yes. that's 4:14. am. fuck.

all this moving. still moving. i know. what the hell. we move every night from eleven until three in the morning and still. more shit to move. goddamn i need to get rid of stuff. anyway. so the snails. the next day there was another snail there and a smaller one at this dead one's body. it's sad. i was telling aaron and he said "yeah, snails do that. they come out and mourn and eat the other one." er... ew. yeah.

saw shrek 2 again today this time with jie and aaron. my favorite parts... "i'm a real booooy!!!" and... "trottin' in place, trottin' in place..." oh wow i love that part. i do it all the time. i'm so lame :)

this place is getting smaller and smaller the more and more stuff we bring. i'm running out of places to put all my crap. jon's getting stressed about it. he's thinking of moving home. to his place i mean. heh. i dunno. he wants so many things his way and i want everything my way. you know me. alawys me me me. well i moved the bookcase to where he wanted it to be... on my side of the bed instead of in the living room. for some reason he hates the stickers on it. he thinks it's tacky and he hates that it's old and cheap and it's falling apart in the back. bah. it's memories and all that i can afford right now.

jon keeps wanting to find someone's unprotected wireless internet connection. we've gotten one a few times here already, and jon wants to just rely on that. er... no. i'm fine with paying the fourty a month for RELIABLE fast connection. i want my internet. hopefully i'll have it. i hope. we'll see. i'm hoping jon'll call tomor--er--today.

aaron came down today to help me move and jie did too and we moved and unpacked from 3pm (we watched the movie at 1:30pm) until 10:30pm. aaron and i went to leatherby's after and had ice cream and a burger. mm. so yeah... with my sister and aaron being all hard core bad ass in moving and unpacking, we got through like 15 boxes and so we went back to the old place and i was like "pish, we're not going to need ALL of those!" with the empty ones... yeah. all of them? full. and what else? we still don't have everything boxed. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! i have waaaay too much shit. and most of it's all food too. well, that's what's left. cubbards and cobbards of food. what the hell... how is that spelled? cubberd. cubbord. it looks funny any way i spell it. anyway. 10:20 rolls around and jie's like "i'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiired" and almost dies and aaron's all pooped and crappy lookin "dude, i'm so beat" and i'm like "i don't want to move by myself" so we're all looking at all the million boxes we just packed and we're like "eh... let's leave it for tomorrow." "ok." so we leave it. i felt bad to be coming back after with nothing so i went over and picked up this rack that goes in the fridge for sodas... this plastic dispenser thing that holds like 12 sodas. then jie's like "no, wait, you took this down. take this." and handed me jon's whiteboard and i'm like "OH! yeah! i need that!" and yeah. took it. i figure we can use that. jon likes writing notes.

jon spent a good while fixing up the place today with stucko and it looks damned good. filled all the holes in and all the bite marks to the wood are covered with a thin white coat so it looks as if it just needs to be repainted, something they'll have to do anyway cuz the place has scratches all over the place from furniture and me being retarded and running into the walls. shut up. but according to the renter's rights handbook if they charge us they can only charge us for 1/3 of the costs since we've lived there for almost two years. if it was two years then we wouldn't owe anything. yeah, it goes by this time thing. i want my splashspot games. :( mahjong. waterpark. must... play... what te hell, my computer screen keeps moving up and down. dude, my laptop is SO tweaking on me. the buttons on the sides don't work well, well, the sound button and the internet button don't work, and the lights don't turn on the but the internet one will sporatically turn on every once in a while if it gets booted connection. the volume buttons work but they don't do the on-screen display anymore to let me know where the volume's at. that's annoying. my left mouse button doesn't work well either. it only works like 1/3 of the time that i press it. fucking crap. i just got this stupid thing too. and it's running as all slowness. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruff. bichon frise?

so yeah. worked like 10 hours last week. haaaa. oh wait maybe less. yeah, got to work at like 2-4pm each day. yeah. been sleeping hella much late due to packing and moving and so i just don't get up. i set up the foam mattress in the closet tho and i've been sleeping here every night (well, almost. yesterday and another night i slept in the bed) and it's really comfy in here. i think i feel a little more stable and breathe better on the ground versus way up high in that bed. i don't know. it's just more soothing right now for me to be lower i guess. but yeah. if i sleep in the bed then after i get up i come to my little sleep cove where it can be dark if i cover my eyes with te comforter and sleeeeeep a good sleep. if i prop my legs up in the air it releases tension on my back too and that's nice. yeah. stress. pains. i have a fatty bruise on my knee. well, another one. yeah. i gotta stop running into crap. i'm so retarded.

i'm thinking of adding a ... well, i will be adding a section of farside comics. the best ones out there, well, according to me and whoever else decides to submit their favorites there. i shouln't be sued for like millions if i have a page devoted to the funniest far sides should i? i mean, it'll be a little section of my page with just hilarious stuff by the genius artist like the gifted school where the kid's pushing on the pull door. i found some funny ones that i kept in my desk back at metler in saratoga (*sniff* :( ) and i was cracking up again. so it inspired me. i'll get my sister's scanned in... her favorite is with this sloth in a cowboy hat and then across from it's this dead cowboy and the sloth's holding a gun and this other cowboy has this quote at the bottom and it says "he always was a little slow in the shooting" or something... ok, i think i killed it, but the point is that the cowboy was shot faster by the sloth. a SLOTH! haaa ha haaaaaaa! funny. i love larson. good stuff.

jon and i gave turtle some crazy lovin' today. jon managed to get her to walk upstairs from downstairs and he got her curled in his lap and he called me out and she kinda almost jumped off the stairs then i slowly stuck my hand out and she sniffed and let me pet and then we all sat there petting and she rubbed her smell on us and she was so cute. then she went to eat and looked at us and was like "ok, enuf of that" and jumped off and went away. i went inside and jon went after her and managed to get her back. he picked her up and cuddled her a little then let her down (or she jumped) and he got the laundry. laundry's a dollar a load here so that means we spend $6 on laundry a week.

mommy's getting a dog. an akbash. apparently it's this turkish guard dog or something and it'll grow bigger than my mom. hunh. but it'll come as a puppy in like a week from texas. a little white short haired puppy. i'm gonna bring nosy over and play with it so it gets used to the animal and me so when uncle phil dies and the dog needs to be taken care of if i take it in it won't kill me. i'm kinda excited. i think it'll be real cute. i like puppies. i think it should be named bear. or badger. i like it when animals are named other animals. like... turtle. and bear. i love the name bear. nosy bear. jon bear. bear. heeeee. bear. bears are so cute. so are ducks. quack quack. <"/vids/badger.swf">badger.

failed anthro. oh well. i'll retake it. yay! gpa is still a 3! officially it's a 3.0... er... something. but yeah. yay :) i got two a-, an f, one b, and two b-. something like that anyway.

so graphic design would SO be the better major for me... but yeah, all the classes? morning. start at like 7:30. ha. cute. i think not. and ALL Of them are like between 7 and 10am. so i'd only get like three classes a semester. that won't fly. and i was applying and reading into student aid? apparently there's a maximum number of units you can take and then they stop giving you aid? well shit. i gotta stop putsying around and get cracking on my major. now. computer science it is... i gotta really ... what's the word... something myself... devote? no, apply! yeah. i gotta appy myself to this. i really need to finish. oooh it'd be so awesome to work for pixar. i'm in the wrong major... but... oh well. i'll see. maybe i can get the hook ups from my cousin at disney. or my cousin who has a friend in pixar. i don't know. i know people. but yeah. ok. i'm gonna go now. 4:45am. real late. i have 15 more boxes to move tomorrow... and desk, the glass of the desk, unpack more, pack more boxes, vacuum, dust, wipe, clean, mop, bleach, sand, polish, a shoe rack, more boxes, computer, oh shit, computer, nosy... oh god, nosy... he hasn't been out in daaaaaaaaaays, printer, and... god damn it. i'll never finish. move out is june 1... that's tuesday. i wonder if carol will even clean the kitchen at all. it's all her mess essentially on the stove... we haven't been there to make any. and the sink is full of dishes that've been there for a month. it's all rancid and disgusting. oh god it's gross. i took the soap today cuz i'm ready to be out of there... well, soon anyway... so it's packed. i wonder what she'll do with them. i left the sponge tho... she leaves it in water and lets it get moldy smelling and nasty. so i'm like... f'that, i'm not keeping or using that sponge. why am i up. nite.

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