may 4, 2001; friday

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*gigglie.. peace sign!*i look sickningly animeish right now. oh well. today's the foam party. jie's picking me up... supposedly now... and we're gonna get some money from the bank so we can take jeffrey and a bud or two (few?) to santa cruz tomorrow. it's his bday present. then we're gonna hang at the mall (today. we're going to the beach tomorrow.) and kickin' it there till the end of 7 and gettin to the party at 8pm. i'm excited. i hope it's fun.

chris stayed over yesterday. cassandra came by and freaked and was going off about how she swam with two hot guys and chris was one of them... the other was THE hot one. i dunno who that is tho. anyway. so she was all "you should stay the night!" and stuff and then he did. kicked me off my bed. i was on the ground. grr. it was so damned hot yesterday tho so the ground was ok. i slept on the 5 million pillows that were flung on the floor from ca and my beds and it was comfy... but i sweat like a mad woman and it was gross. woke every 15 minutes. not much sleep. suckiness. so then i crawled in to the bed at like 4am and got SOME sleep. yeah yeah. i'm a cuddle slut. that's already determined.

today we went to ceramics and drew on the sidewalk with dried coils and had a ball. it was fun. then we came back to here and went to the founders or something where they cast bronze. some of the stuff there was awesome. this guy, david ogle... wow. he has this dude that he creates from twiggies or something and it's just awesome and his monotypes kick ass. i was amuzed. after that we were hungry and then decided to go to chris' for a potato. he was talking about how he made one for himself yesterday so i wanted one too so we went there. they have a cute (smelly) doggie named bandit. i thought chris said amanda and then his brother, greg (damn he's hot), asked if i'd met him before and i was like... him? amanda? huh? then they clarified. chris' brother was kinda scary. he had this mongo huge-o smile. they kept calling me betty... uh... something. something from encino man. anyway. we watched some growing pains and i rested a bit then chris drove me back. he had work.

just showered and i'm ready to go. waiting for jie now. i wonder if she's even left the house yet. i'm so gonna pass out today. i didn't sleep nearly enuf. meh. we'll see.

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