May 6, 2003; Tuesday


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quote of the while: "mommy, mommy, can we play dead mummys?!"

recent money mongers: march of dimes

so my toilet TOTALLY clogged. jon and i worked at it for like an hour or so and even waited overnight. i have some serious poos. i swear. it's so disgusting. i was grossed out and felt really nasty. toilet cloggers are supposed to come out of nasty big fat people, not little asians like me. and ofcourse when i go to nasty people's homes... they don't even own a plunger. so they NEVER have this problem?! why me. this seriously added to my fear of overflowing toilets. yes. it did overflow. jon plunged it... and a three inches of water appeared out of nowhere. no idea how that works.

i go 102 out of 100 in my social work journal. yay! happy day :)

nosy was SERIOUSLY playful yesterday. he's been easier to catch. he kept going towards his cage yesterday so it was really easy to get him to bed. he's my little pookie. i call him booger. he's sneaky and slippery so he's my booger. my little booger pookie. he came out and for the first time realized how soft the carpet is i guess compared to his metal cage and flomped on to it all cute like.

my nosy posie!!!!

my brother turned 13 on friday. happy birthday little bro! yeesh... 13 years old and he's 5'6". he's my giant little brother. he can protect me :) 2nd degree black belt.... wwwwwatchout! hee squee. my daddy had boughten (shuttup. it's a new word as of now.) these madeleine cookies from costco and they were soooo yummy so when we (my sister and i) came back we went to costco and i got two containers. soooo tasty. madeleines were in "the transporter." bad movie.

gah. it smells so totally of pine sol now. well... atleast it's not poo.

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