May 7, 2004


12:27 PM

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happy 7 :)

wow. two months and it'll be three years :x wowee.
last month i decided that every 7 we will celebrate with leatherby's. last month didn't work out but this month i think it will. so tonite? leatherby's. mmm. broooowniiiie suuuuuundae. :)

tomorrow morning mommy's bringing me and jie to tahoe where we will gamble ($50 spending money each), spend a night at caesar's palace and look at the pretty scenery. celebrating my birthday :) happy birthday to me (4/28) and jeffrey (5/2)! i'm 22 and jeffrey's 14. crap. next year he can get his driver's permit! aaaah! crazy shit. well... i think... i haven't been keeping up with driving laws and stuff, not like i need to, so i dunno if you can still get a permit at 15. can you? i don't know.

ma brought up the major of coms. i think i'll look into it. i liked my coms class and it doesn't seem too painful to do. so i can major in coms, minor in art and psych and get a web design certificate. hell, i can minor in like 15 different subjects i've taken so many fricken classes. people thought i was a language major cuz i've taken so many ferkin languages.

i still haven't been getting up. it's gotten worse. now instead of getting up at 10 instead of 9 it's like 11 or 12. yesterday i got up at 1pm and missed my two classes again. yeah. anthro, which i'm failing, and soc, which i've got a c or d. not good. and work? i'm 60 hours behind. yeah. that's a lot of hours to make up. ha. my boss is on maternity leave now. she's having a baby soon. well yeah, maternity, baby, dar.

i think nosy peed again on the futon. little brat... it's gross. i'll change the sheet and there's all these spots on the futon from where he peed and i sprayed it with cleaner and soaked with water. oh well. that's what covers are for :p new apartment... moving starting next friday/saturday. eek. there's so much shit to move. it's insane. i don't even know where to start. it's good they're so close. i'm thinking the kids can go over first thing and then we can start moving boxes, then we can have the current landlord check out our place to see if it's ok and then fix it up more and be out by the 1st. i'm so excited. in less than a month there'll be no more carol mess AND i'll have a dishwasher! yay! bad things are that i'll have to figure out what to do with nosy (the windows are so flimsy that if he cuddles next to it for air like he does in this apartment he'll probably fall out of the second story window) and i don't know what the washers are like in this place and the walls are apparently really thin and... uh... i can't remember. there was something bad. i don't remember. bah.

still flabberific. it's really gross. if i foof it out completely i look insanely pregnant. it's just that part where the pregnant people pooch and the rest of me is still relatively small. god it's gross.

i got my own pair of climbing shoes on saturday and a pipework's shirt. i was so happy. i've wanted a shirt/sweatshirt with the logo of the gym i go to for a while. so the climbing shoes are scarpa's, a high performance shoe... they're SO painful. but brandon, a guy who works there, insists they're supposed to be. my toes are SUPPOSED to buckle and "if you can walk in them, they're too loose." well, i sure as hell can't walk in them any my toosies are so squished that they buckle, so i guess i just have to suckkit up and deal with the pain. my arms are getting strong looking. i don't know if i'm necessarily stronger, but they look stronger. :p

i'm totally hooked on these games. the hammer and the tree are the games i play. i don't really understand the grow game. i know you have to feed the machine in a certain order but jon and i gave up after a while. we maxed out all but two then gave up. with the mallet one (tontie), i've gotten around 15,900 as a high score at level 10. the tree (vanilla) i've gotten to 42.1 feet or whatever the measurement is. soooooooooo fun. ok. yeah. so i got matt to play, dude from sociology, and we were going mallet crazy. we discovered that the bronze mallet lets you hit the red guys once instead of twice, the silver mallet lets you do what the bronze does AND lets you hit the green spikeys for a heart, and the gold mallet lets you do what the silver does AND lets you hit the facesless dudes and get two coins. yay! fun stuff. the empty heart gives another heart vessel. oh. the wing makes the mallet faster.

gaaaaaah. last week of school next week. lessie. paper due in soc, two article reviews for anthro, paper for karate, and two lab assignments for computer science. i've finished the paper for soc but that's it. i'm so screwed. i ought to start them, eh? yeah, i think so. too bad this weekend i'm going to play :p i hope it'll be fun. i've never really gone gambling before. now i'm old enough. i can show the buggers "LOOK! i'm 22! a YEAR older than the minimum! HAAAAA!!!!!!!!" and shove it in their face. muwahaha. with my sadness they probably won't even card me tho. i hope i don't run out of the money in 2 minutes and have nothing to do for the rest of the weekend.

i think i'll start writing more in my xanga. just little blurbs here and there.

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