may 9, 2001; wednesday

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me: oh! look! that's the chick that looks like that girl from "scary movie"!!!!
ca: what? there's a chicken with square boobs?!


i had an 18 second pee this afternoonl. it was amazing. 18 seconds of pure niagra falls flowing. aaaaah it was nice. i felt to sickly and weak to move so i didn't go to my one class today at 1:30pm. i'm a sad, sad, lazy thing when i pms. *sigh* i think i like chris. he's coming over tonite so i'm happy. i'm super hyper now. i don't move in the day and in the evening i get this surge of energy. it sucks. a guy leaned on the glass today at the front of our hall and it shattered and there was blood all over the entry way and the police came and the guy was sent to the hospital with glass in his arm. ow. i think he's ok tho. dunno really what happened. but there's a shattered thing of glass now and we aren't allowed to go up the normal way. so that sucks. oh well.

ate dinner with all these people from poker night way in the beginning of august. bradley's got soft hair. tee hee. i like it. *pet pet pet* kevin keeps *poke*ing me :( so i must poke him back. *poke kevin* *POKE* i say!

i get to glaze my hippo soon! yaaaay! happy day. he's super cute now and he has a birdie to sit on his head. he shall never be lonely. unless the birdie dies or something. darkness

i'm tan now. i have all these gross bumpie things on my shoulder. didn't realize there were so many. freaked me out yesterday. yeug. ugly.

i totally fell off my chair on monday. it was scary. it usually tips and stops but it kept going and *floop!* there i went.


foam party was good. i grinded with two guys. i like grinding. it's fun. i got my ass grabbed and picked up (literally) and hit on a bunch of times (scary trolls, ofcourse,) but when i looked 'm in the eye and told them "no" they backed away so it was coo. i was in total heaven there. all these niiiiice bare backs there... i'd accidentally *bump* in to them and rub against them... *droool*... hey... it was crowded. really. ;) it was totally all mush and physical there. everyone was grabbing everyone and putting hands everywhere to get somewhere. but they were friendly so it wasn't scary. except this one corner. i stayed away from there. and all the other corners. cuz those were gross. ew. the foam party people forgot the shirts so us foam girls (there were 7 of us, including jie and me) didn't get our shirts. instead we were out there for 3 hours (since 8pm) getting emails from people. we FINALLY got in at 11pm and then danced. jie and i left at 1am. i was so tired from the emails :p i was all happy and peppy. i got 93 of the 100 they wanted us to get. close enuf. two of the other girls called me "little one" and then named me "pixie". so i'm pixie. another girl, abby, was "poptart". oh. i get it. ha ha. she pops a lot so she's poptart. ooooh. ok. ha ha. i see.

santa cruz was a success. jeffrey had fun and he got some alone time so that was good. daddy was bitching and being an ass all weekend and totally harsh on poor jeff so jie and i took him away at a good time. i invited kev and he hung with us a bit. we rode some spinny rides and we all got sick. i was sick after one... jie, jeff, and kev went on another one right after. craaaaaziness. we played on the beach and i look like i wet myself and then we went home.

i trained back on sunday.

saw julian at the bus stop after getting of the train and i said hi and he sat next to me and we started talking. talked the way back on the bus and while waiting. the train was an hour late so we had to wait for the bus for 1/2 an hour. julian was upset cuz he missed dinner so i offered him some of the dien shing (a.k.a. "dim sum" to you american folk) that i brought back. so we came back to the dorms and i plopped my stuff in my room and went to julian's and we ate. he looked sick after seeing how much i ate. ha ha ha. anyway. he's fun. he's the one teaching me how to skateboard.

i was feeling super shitty yesterday (looked it too...) and i found out why at the end of the day... pmsing in a majorly bad way. suuucky. the washing machines ate $24 on one load of wash. yeah. i know. pisser. buggah.. buggah me! yeah. so i still gotta call them up and bitch them out. i still don't understand why we don't use the damn quarter system for laundry. they're quarter machines damn it. why are we using credit cards. GAAAAAR.

my heel hurts. i don't like wearing pants. i love coming in after my shower and putting on my lotion then shirt and just going around in undies. i got new boxers. got 'm with my lucky jeans. i love them. comfy as hell. only thing keeping me from running around in my underwear, i guess. changed my sheets again today. i SO wanted tater tots today... but the dc didn't have them. grr. dude! i'm 30 credits short on my card. i was 50 over last week and i haven't eaten there in like 3 or 4 days. wtf?! angering mon.

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