Friday the 13th of June, 2003


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recent money mongers: march of dimes

goodness. people are speeeecial.

still backed up. i took A poo from the last time i wrote. yeah. ouch. i feel so fat and bloated. and i haven't started the rag yet. it's been a month and 10 days. what the hell?! no, i'm not pregnant. i checked. i think my system's just all mad at me. i started the patch, then got off of it, bled for a week, was on the patch for a week, off again, bled AGAIN for a week... and then 40 days of no blood. i'm gonna get back on the pill again cuz the patch made me so fricken fat and moody as all hell and i've been waiting for it to start so my body isn't all "AAHHHH! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!!?!?!?!" but it hasn't started. i'm getting antsy. kinda like i was for the ups guy.

he came on monday and left a note, then again on tuesday. wednesday was the final attempt so i had to be home. the note for monday and tuesday had no checks on them, but for wednesday it was checked "after 10am" and "between 3-5" and also "after 5." i waited from ferkin (new word, i'm sick of "fricken" and it's easier to say too. "ferkin" try it. "ferkin ferkin" easy. see? yes.) 10:30am (ok not really, was sleeping till like 11am) until 5:20pm. i was leaving the house and jon was on the phone for me. ups's last delivery time is 7. so they wanted me to wait from ferkin 10:30-7p?! hell nO! i was so pissed. as i left the parking lot we saw ups. i ran out and got the stupid package. miggerfoggers.

nitten is supposed to go out tonite with the crew so if he does i'm not dancing. i know. i'm immature. i don't care.

jon came last week and got a little drunk. he had fun but started getting a little annoying, leeching on to me. then he sat and watched so extremely contently. it was cute and dopey. my sister was all "DUDE! jon is SO happy just... SITTING THERE!" it was cute.

i haven't been wearing my contacts at all. i did last friday and they hurt soooo bad. gah.

please buy nu skin from me. please.

ok. so. freckles. so if flowers and buggies with spots and stripes are bad, does that mean people with freckles are evil as well? i mean, spots are poison and a sign not to mess with them. so freckly people are evil and scary? hmmmm? i see a connection. i think that's how it goes. so stay away from freckly evil people. freckles are the devil. *wipe wipe* why are these dots still on my face. AAAHH! FRECKLES! no, they're not! they're just dirt! honest! muwahhahahahahaaa!!!!! *ahem*

ok. think about this:
so jon, his brother and i were all watching tv yesterday (don't think about us watching tv, think about what i'm gonna say next) and they were talking about this woman who got attacked by this man and they showed this drawing of this dude... it was a pretty hideous drawing. like... one that little little kids draw. you know, one that we'd go "aww. that's.. um.. cute!" to a kid, but this was done by some forensic cop dude so it was really ugly. jon was all, "everyone should take a class on how to describe people," and i was thinking... yeah... they should. i mean, try and describe your mom, or dad, or sibling, or aunt, or your old decrepid grandparent, or your cousin once removed, or whoever you live with. enough so someone can draw a detailed drawing. i mean.. how do you describe it? it's an interesting thought. i can't even describe people i know, nonetheless someone i don't know that i saw for a split second, you know? just a thought...

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