june 17, 2001; sunday

happy birthday warren and nammie!
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am. came over wednesday (13th) and we went shopping. then after she convinced me and chris to go to chico. i got drunk. went straight from ok to piss drunk. puked upstairs and then i was better. i dunno why people get so... whack. i was all there. everything was funny, but other than that i knew what was going on and i could respond and everything. chris got sick too. then we drove back to sac at 5am (poor chris) so i could make it back in time to go to trinity where i was at until yesterday. it's so pretty up there. too bad i got insanely carsick. i was thinking it was a hangover but i really didn't get one. i just had 2 1/3 smirnoff's. chris didn't really believe i was out but then am. told him i puked and then he believed me. i was outside for a bit and i couldn't move cuz my heart was beating super fast and i was a million degrees and it was hard to breathe. but yeah. puked, all better.

shannon's back! she got back early. morris got his cone off for a bit and scratched his eye. dorkuss. oh well. orris is exploring under my bed now. like... under the covers. illy poo.

am. gave me the new stabbing westward cd cuz she hates it. they TOTALLY sold out. as bad as sugar ray. so sad. it's all alternatively and singy. one less industrial band... sucks. but i like this kind of music so it's ok, but not for stabbing westward. so sad, so sad. yup.

i mite have another photo shoot again soon. with ed again. he's kinda weird but i'll get money. and i guess i'll do more movement than just standing there. i won't take anything off, but i'll work more with him. last time i was a total bitch and was like "huh? i don't understand" when he was asking me to do a more "seductive" look. i was just "huuuh?" like a dumbass. it was fun. but yeah. so i'm gonna get prints of last time which i'm sure sucked but that's ok.

i was sooo sick yesterday. thought i was gonna seriously puke all over. step-dad SUCKS at driving. he'll speed and then at a turn break to a mile per hour and then speed again to break again. and trinity is the windiest place in the entire world. well not world, but it's pretty bad. so i got really sick. chris calls puking chuking. "i chuked all over!" riiiight, chris.

chris is so cute. i don't like it when he's drunk tho. wednesday was ok cuz he was too sick to be obnoxious but he gets really loud and obnoxious when he's drunk. i don't like it. but every other second he's a cutie. morris and spookuy are playing. it's super cute. all you see is spooky staring at the bed and morris' tale coming out from the comforter. uh oh... spooky's gonna pounce... ;) cats are so fun. i missed them in trinity. well, i'm gonna go wake up now. i'm still dizzy from sleep.

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