June 5, 2003; Thursday


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recent money mongers: bank of america

i've been backed up. feeling crappy. (heee hee haaaaa ha haaaaaaa). no, really tho. i went to get some metamucil (sp?) yesterday at walgreens. that isle sure is popular. so many items there were out of stock. there were metamucil crackers on sale so i got some apple crisp ones for $4. yay! cookies! i fed some to nosy. he almost tore off my hands he wanted it so much. then jon was like "NO! BAD!" and i realized that yeah, it probably was... he poos enough as it is, we don't need more poo all over the house. oops.

the rats and nosy don't get along too well. nosy is too calm and curious and he wanders all over. kinda stupid... he'll go to the rat cage, they'll scratch at him, he'll run away... then come back! he'll climb all over the rat cage and the rats will try and retaliate. the rats will go over to his cage and he'll just cower in the corner and be sad like and occationally bark. yes. my chinchilla barks. they're these pathetic little "reh" noises, but they're barks nonetheless... anyway. so whenever the rats and nosy are out, little nosy will go barreling off and rats will be following. i'll look and there'll be a tuft of fur on the carpet :( poor nosy. so no more rat/chinchilla socializing attempts. really.

s.f. was okay. we danced from 10pm-3am. i brought my pillow since 9 of us were staying in one hotel room (shh). it was jon and my favorite pillow. anyway. so before we left ben's friend nitten (yes. kitten with an 'n') sat on it. "NO! not the pillow! don't sit on the pillow! AAAHHH!" i took the pillow in to the bathroom with me and had jie jie hold it so it wouldn't get sat on again. we left for the club. nitten creeped jie and me out and got in our personal space. i was disliking this guy. well, ben, tammy, christina, mike, and nitten were crashing and so they left at around 1-2am. keenan, jason, jie and i stayed around. then keenan left. so it was just jason, jie and me. we danced some more. at like 2:30 i realized my pillow was in danger. "i bet nitten is on it..." we went back to the room at 3ish and sure enuf the ass was on it. damn it. i was pissed shitless so i left in a flurry and went to mountain view. i know, unsafe, but i was pissed damn it. so i got to mountain view at 4:30am where i took a niiiiiiiiiiiice shower. then bed at 5am. and up at noon. aah. i was so tired. i took a nap later on at like 3pm until 4 or 5pm and i was refreshed.
so dancing was good, nitten was bad. evil. grr. dumb butt.

soooooooo. guess who's coming on friiiiiiiiiiiday... jon! yay! he's coming to 815 L on friday with jie, me and the crew. yay :) i told jie to tell ben that i never wanna see nitten again (i was very very mad. oh yeah. that pillow had jon scent on it and so it was my "jon"ness for the next four days in the bay away from him and then stink boy killed it by laying his stinky sweaty head on it for 3 hours. grr. still mad. grr.) so hopefully he won't be there.

so my eyelids are showing signs of irritation. out of fours stages, i'm at stage one... at stage four it is too late to do anything and it's not possible to ever wear contacts again. ew. so i'm lesseing contact wear for the next few months. go away irritation, go away.

my back teeth touch perfectly. they haven't in a while. but they do now. it's neat. *chomp chomp* wee!

my mom signed me back up for nu skin. if you're interested in a business opportunity or good skin care (it really is good) and/or high end supplements, lemmie know and i'll talk to you about it.

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