june 6, 2001; wednesday

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ahm africun amairicuni just went swimming and now i'm black. uh huh. well i was. then i loofahed as much as i could without getting rid of three layers of skin. i hate being tan. anyway. so my poor tatt is half black, half white. ha ha. oh well. my pictures'll be ready today to pick up! yay! (just normal pictures... i just haven't gone to develop film in ages.)

chris was here today and he was playing sim theme park and was all in to it so i thought i'd go swimming cuz it was warm but then he quit the game and said he was coming with. damn. i wanted to go alone... i can't swim and he's mr. swam since he was four so... yeah. he jumped in and i sat there and then he said he'd go back and he came back and played some more as i went in and floated around. it got sad and lonely and i got out and then went upstairs back to the room and then he left and i went back out and swam for 20 minutes. i guess i'm not THAT bad. i'm just... weak. very very weak. but it felt good to move. and in nice cool water :) too bad i got insanely tan. oh well. atleast now my legs aren't a blinding white. they're pale yellow. ;)

loungy karma :)all the cats are lounging and sleeping. karma's under my chair being cute karma. he's such a cutie. chris calls him "fatty"... mean... but... yes, he's (karma) quite the chunky monk. 20 pounds :) spooky's my favorite tho. he's a little black cat. he was the runt so he's permanently little. cutey poos. karma just stretched :)

i didn't go out and get a job but i found out kinda how to get there... tho i have NO idea where the bus stops are. she just told me "bus 8 to the rail to watt and 29th and then take the 67 ir 68 and you'll be right there!" um... yes. ok. if you say so. i'm gonna go out and get my pictures now. see how long it takes to walk there. i know that office max is a 10 minute walk; 5 minutes if you don't count the complex. i'm at the veeeery end so it's basically butt monk egyptville and it takes a bit to get out of here.

mar (my mom) is going to another doctor today to see what's going on with her eye cuz it's not getting any better but she feels better than yesterday. so that's good. i was so scared that she'd hang up the phone yesterday and go to bed and not get back up. i had a little crying session. but everything's ok. i hope...

oh yeah. i went to chris' yesterday. guess what we did? yup. we cleaned the bathrooms. (heh... how random is that...) ah. the excitingness of the relationship, eh? yup. well. i'm gonna leave now. get more excercise :) i'm liking it. i feel better moving.

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