June 8, 2002; saturday

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11 months as of yesterday :)

i'm at 1800 miles now. yep. rackin' em up. last week i went to mountain view and came back about 4 times. it was crazy. jie moved out after a fight with ups and she's in her own place now. on the second day mephistopholes ran away and i bawled my eyes out thinking he had no chance cuz it's a new place, there's cars everywhere, and he's rarely outside. he came back two days later (yesterday).

grades were good. i got a's and b's, a "d+" in art history, and i got a "u" in accounting.

i didn't get a job at macy's. still unemployed. barnes and nobles called but i didn't call back. i don't know what i was thinking. now it's too late and i'm sure there aren't any more openings. dammit.

13 new baby chicks.

yesterday i came in to jon's house and sat down and ate a little. a big black thing was flying around me and i figured it was a fly. shoo shoo, it would go away then come back. shoo shoo, did the same. i guess it was a gnat cuz now i have bites all over. i didn't know they even bite. but sure enuf:

gnat, common name for any one of a number of small, fragile-looking two-winged flies of the suborder Nematocera, order Diptera, which includes the families Tipulidae (crane flies), Bibionidae (hairflies), Ceratopogonidae (biting midges), Chironomidae (true midges), Cecidomyidae (gall midges), Simuliidae (black flies), Culicidae (mosquitoes), and others. They often assemble together in large mating swarms. In England mosquitoes are called gnats; in the United States it is chiefly the smaller forms of Diptera, especially irritating because of their great numbers and their vicious biting habits, that are referred to as gnats. All gnats have long, hairlike antennae, which are particularly well-developed in the males. Gnat larvae are free-living, most feeding on plants. Larval plant feeders, e.g., the Hessian fly larvae, cause root, stem, and leaf galls to be formed by the host plant. Some species of fungus gnats (families Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae) are very common pests of mushrooms and roots of potted plants in homes and greenhouses... 

8 bites in 5 minutes. i'm dying from itchiness.

jon and i have taken a liking to "dopewars"... amity gave it to me as a palm app. it's exhilerating. ok, not really, but it's quite fun and challenging. if you want you can get it for the palm/handspring at http://www.djajic.com, or get it for the pc at http://www.dopewars.net/dopewars/. it's great.

i'm turning black. i hate getting tan. nothing wrong with being black, just... i like being pale as a clean polar bear in the snow capped glaciers. i'm itchy.

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