june 9, 2001; saturday

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ummm... ew. yeah. i come out of my shower all pretty and yummy smelling and i do the dishes (load the dishwasher...) and then i go out and turn off the radio... and step in this huge mushy... hairball. yeah. it was insanely nasty. i knew it wasn't spooky cuz for one his hair is black, and another... he's a short haired cat. karma's too dark so... yup. morris. he went a little too clean happy with his night with no cone around his head (i let him go free) and he just spewed all his happiness all over the living room. so i cleaned up the hairball and found morris sitting there with his head down and hairball gook in his cone. ew. so i cleaned that off, wiped off his face, and put the cone back. poor kitty. for those of you who haven't owned or been around cats... a hairball isn't just like those big balls of hair that girls take out of their brushes. yeah, those are gross... but... cat hairballs look like a mix of barf and crap. it's the shape of a log'a poo but has the consistency of puke... until it dries. then it's less gross, just looks like hair from a brush. but it really isn't pretty.

i'm not going to metropolis anymore. my mom wanted to know if i wanted to go to trinity. i'm getting kinda down and so i think that'd be better for me than a first time rave that's also the hugest rave all year. so i'm getting ca to try and sell my ticket and if anyone wants to go for $35 then tell me.

i think i'm gonna finally be able to spend some "quality" time with chris tomorrow. he's been hanging with his buds and working and swimming and being super busy lately so i haven't spent much time with him. it's quite sucky. i just need him to hug me.

i sent out some job apps the other day and i'm gonna go out monday and see if i got any job(s)... i really wanna work at the bank. that'd be fun. counting and money. weee!

i went shopping the other day and i got a skateboard. i also got a cute summer dress and new shoes... those white ones that pretty much every girl had a year ago that give an inch or two in height that require ped socks? yeah. those. so now i'm a cute californian girl. riiiight. but yeah. i had fun shopping. and i did it aaaaall by myself. regional transit and me. gooooo me! the bus is great. everything took twice as long... but it goes to show that it's true. just a little... a lot of sweat and some effort can get you places. but i'd still like a car. want. want want want. all i am is want. anyway.

so i'm determined to learn how to skate. we (jie, chris, and i) were playing with my board yesterday and chris was all showing off (not really, he was just skating around... but jie and i can't do squat) and then jie tried it and i was scared to stand on the thing. then i rolled a bit and then put the other foot on and i was doing ok. so i can kinda move :) yaaay! now i just gotta work on the pumping with the other foot... and not falling off... heh... hm.

ma's getting a bit better i think. i hope. her headaches are lessened but her floater's still there. she's gotta get a catscan.

been playing way too much of "the sims" lately. i'm trying to get gabby and joey joe joe jr. (i go that from the simpsons ;) ) together but everytime they're together they get negatives. *sigh* oh well. whaaatever. yes. well. i'm gonna go now. go back to sleep. oh. all i did today? sleep, finally sit up at 3:30pm, play sims till 6pm, eat two sandwiches (processed chicken meat, melted cheese, bread), lie down a bit more, and shower at 9pm. then come out at 10pm, step on the pretty hairball, and... it's now.

so i'm going now. bah bye.

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