July 12, 2003



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recent money mongers:

memorial sloan-kettering cancer center
1275 york avenue
new york, new york 10021

song stuck in my head: kreo- burn for you

jon fixed the ups problem. it was delivered to jie's work and it made it to the person it was supposed to and it is all good now.

mendocino was niiiice. it was 70 degrees. soooo perfect. here in sac it was 105. yeah. 105. the ride there was about 5 hours. we stopped for a bit at this rest stop at marine world and also at a winery where we did some wine tasting. it was like... the chateau sovereign or something. we got to fort bragg (the city we were actually staying in... about 15 mintues from mendocino) and the place we stayed at was the "emerald dolphin inn." sounded like it'd be some cozy little home bed and breakfast thing. nope. just an inn. it was ok, but it smelled like "father ohara"... b.o. and brandy. well, jon thinks that's what brandy smells like. i thought it was some really bad air freshner. it was this stale... stale smell. i can't describe it cuz i can't remember very well. kinda like... stale poupurri? however that's spelled. oh. potpourri. anyway.

first night there after opening all the windows and changing in to pretty clothes we went to dinner at the "cliff house" restaurant. it was on a cliff. we had a $50 gift certificate and our total (adding on like 20% tip) was $70. not bad. i had this chicken thing and jon had steak. we also had this martini with raspberry liquer, vodka and chocolate turds, cheesecake, and an apple crumb with this seroiusly melty delicious ice cream. it was ice cream, but warm, yet solid. it was SO good. back at the inn little green lady bugs were chillin. in the morning jon told me there were green bugs outside. i said i knew and then i looked out. they were all humping each other. that time of the year i guess. the poor females. trying to get on with their day and they had these males leeched on to their backs.

next day we did a lot of lounging. we went to mendocino and window shopped for a few hours. maybe more. quite a while actually. also went to the shore where there was about 5 trillion mussel things lying there all gross like. these people were chopping them off of the rocks and stashing them slyly in to some cooler. third day i saw a sign at the beach that said "no mussel catching" or something with better english and it said it's because there's some poison this time of year. serves them right. anyway. after mendocino we went back to the inn, ordered pizza, picked it up, and lounged watching a ton of t.v. cable. mmmm. the death to us all.

last day. went to mendocino again to exchange this pinball thing i got my mom cuz this wooden peg thing was warped. then we went to the skunk train. that was nice. pretty. i ordered onion soup and a salad before we went and jon got a french dip sammich and they were soooo good. skunk train was a 3 hour trip through trees and pretty nature. after that we went to the beach. jon proved to be his mom's stupidest son again and went swimming. at 6pm. in the ocean. in cold 60 degree or so water. dumbass. i lost pikachu. actually pikachu 2. it's this pedometer thing that's got the pokemon pikachu dude doing things throughout the day according to your actions. my dad said that the average person walks 5000 steps a day, and if trying the lose weight the optimum would be around 10000. so i've been aiming for 10, but ususally only get 5000 out of my lazy ass. i've been swimming a lot recently tho. tanning. oh yeah. fort bragg... well we got back from the ocean, ate at a place called "the wharf" where i got fish and chips and my first cup of wine (i had white zinfendel) which was disgusting and jon got chicken and chips and then we went back, watched some tv, then bed. final day we got up and drove back, stopped at the chateau to get some "chenin blanc" (this yummy citrusy wine) then proceeded to sac where we got there at 3:05 for me to make it to my 3:00 interview at circuit city where they aren't hiring but are looking anyway.

ok. back to pikachu. i've been trying to lose weight. no no, not waifishy thin. i was 95 or so a few months ago before i tried the birth control patch. i then ballooned and got moody. it's not going away. in fact, it's getting worse. i was 105 for a while and i checked the other day and i'm now 110. it's all fat. in my stomach. i don't know. i made sure i'm not pregnant many many times and unless the tests have failed 3 times in a row i shouldn't be. i'm just... fat. in my stomach. i'm going to look for a doctor i think on monday. see why i'm gaining so much. i'm only 5'... technically 4' 11 3/4" but *shh*... so i really shouldn't weigh 110. i don't know. i'm getting really depressed about my fat tho.

the air broke while i was gone. nosy isn't supposed to be above 75 degrees and it was 95 when i got home. i was so scared. we (jon and i) went to jon's house and brought nosy in his carrier. he hated me for putting him and keeping him in this tiny space, but he didn't heat stroke (i think and hope anyway) so i'm glad. same thing the day after, yesterday (friday). went dancing and so i shoved nosy-pie in to the carrier and brought him to ben's house where it was nice and cool. i let him out a little and it was okay. i think he's okay. still probably mad at me, but he'll deal.

david was worried something was wrong with aristotle and it freaked me out. i think he was just being his normal self tho. he's not used to eating a lot since dade always took his food, and so he wasn't eating much. the ball is a rare experience for him and he wasn't too keen on it, especially since the dog kept fwacking him. (poor aristotle!) he always shakes in his sleep. and those were david's concerns. he seems fine to me. my little baby. i love him so much :) i want him to live forever. *sigh* i'll be so sad when he too dies...

starving. need food. bye bye.

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