July 15, 2004



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tired. don't know if i will finish. there's a lot i wanted to write about... especially since it's been ages and eons since i've written.

so yeah. finished moving. ofcourse, we had to. if not then we'd uh have stuff in the street and stuff. but yeah. the place is so cluttered it's ridiculous. i have way too much crap.

ok. so here's the list i wanted to write about:

  • hanging with eric
  • movie with jeffrey and friends
  • paul's bday and lighter
  • car towed
  • buster, annabelle
  • napoleon dynamite
  • ma's party
  • birth and beyond
  • dr. hanssmann (speeeecial)
  • l.a., dad's party
  • dennis and stuffed animals, sanrio bought out
  • drive back
  • 3 years!
    1. rafting
    2. burn
    3. movie
    4. ice cream
  • climb, jon's, poor matt
  • bank
  • costco
  • gas
  • wendy's, jon's
  • eyes
  • clean
  • home depot
  • jewelry
  • new phone
  • glasses, contacts

    babies are a little more than two now. ratties and aristotle. nosy's still a year and something. i forget right now. i'll remember later. oh wait. he was born in like 7/02? so he's two now too.

    k. tired now. well go. bye.

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