July 18, 2003


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jeeze! is this money monger week?!
recent money mongers: march of dimes, feed the children, american diabetes association, easter seals

quote of the while: "you look good in expensive clothes" ~jon

okay. it's 103 here. it sucks. i hate it. at work we've moved to a new building where there's NO parking. so i park at my sister's work now, 7 blocks away, and walk in the sweltering heat. remember. i hate the heat. i hate just sitting in it. and now i have to dodge crazy people and ugly people and walk in it for 7 blocks. i hate it. the new building is nice. i guess. there's crazy security. every room needs a key badge. and the badges only work on the floor a person should be on. craaaazy.

i had a weird dream the other day. i vaguely remember pulling a sponge bob key chain out of my eye, grabbing fruit that at any moment would become alive and attack us in a viciously bad way, and throwing paul, jon's brother, and some other guy in a shopping cart to wheel over to the car and throw the fruit in before the fruit went "bad."

i'm getting pretty darned tan. every time i go swimming (pretty much every day now) i get a shade darker. my ass and my back have such a bad tan line. i'm swimming 40 laps a day. i HAVE to get rid of my tub. it's so depressing not being able to fit any of my clothes. jon says i look good in my skirt. that's good, cuz it's the only thing i'm comfortable wearing now cuz it's elastic and doesn't pull and squish me in bad ugly ways. i feel like a whale.

i love cheesecake.

i love king's rolls. oh god they're good. i can't stop. mmmm. good thing they're bread and bread is good.

speaking of kings... could the sacramento kings mascot be ANY scarier? oh shit that thing is so freaky. i saw it and i almost pissed myself. it's like a dead monster freak ghost goblin terrorist lion thing. *shudder* i hate those.

i hope my sister will bring me home today. i don't want to figure out the bus system in the heat. jon drove me here today. he's going to eric's birthday. eric and melissa broke up. eric's reason for dumping her is he feels she should go out with cory. i wonder if he knows what they've already done... anyway. eric's birthday party is a four day event. i think it's three days of lan and one day of rafting. yesterday jon moved his computer to eric's and came home. tonight he's going there after work to stay for a while. he got two days off work for it. i'm going to my sister's work luncheon tomorrow and then going to mountain view to sit on the kids again. so i won't see jon until wednesday.

i've been such a moody depressed case lately. i have no life and i just loaf around being fat. i sit and i can feel my stomach touching... some other part of my body that it really shouldn't be. i used to wake up and be skinny. now i wake up and i'm chunkin' out. and it's not like i'm eating really unhealthy. i've been exercising every day and eating one to two meals a day that are pretty balanced. i don't understand. atleast i'm not continuously gaining anymore.

i've gone waldo crazy. i bought a bunch of where's waldo books and jon and i have been searching. god that stuff is great. if you ever get bored, go try and find waldo and the "weirdo"'s (the followers) and the dog and wenda and wizard man. i call him merlin, but he's actually wizard whitebeard.

nosy was SO cute yesterday. well, besides all the humping. every fuzzy thing nosy is humping. i had to bansih my toy babies away from the living room because no matter where i put them nosy would find a way to them and i'd turn around and there he'd be. it must be that time of year for animals. my poor animals. so dirtied. *sigh* so i gotta go and get him a toy today. one that's machine washable and fuzzy. maybe a doggie toy. those soft faux sheep fur ones. yeah. he'd like that. so yeah. cute. he was scampering around yesterday and would come up to me and let me pet him. at one point i said "hey, gimmie a kiss" and he always just runs off. but he sat there. and i said "kiss?" and he leaned over and let me kiss his nose :) wee! and the day before it looked like he was staring at me from the ground. "are you looking at me?" and then he jumped right up in to my face and sat there. freaked the shit out of me. not really, but pretty close. he jumped back away and i looked at jon "woah, freaky" and then bam, nosy was back in my face again. i think he's getting a little more personable. he listens more when i say "no" and "get down" or "no humping" (altho i have to do some intervention and push him off the poor fuzzy animal he's on) and he voluntarily goes in his cage when it's time. sometimes it still takes a little while of coaxing, but it's better. yay :)

aristotle hasn't been as active recently. i think i'm starting to worry. he sleeps a lot more than before and when i let him out he just goes to a corner to sleep some more. i hope he's not depressed :( my little boo boo.

well, i gotta go unpack the rest of the supplies here at work so... yay. bill's driving me crazy. shit he's annoying. anyway...

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