July 24, 2004



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ok. yeah. ummmm... yeah.

can you tell i don't really want to start the entry? i have so much that i've been meaning to write about and so many things i've wanted to write about but there's just no time. it's really sucked. i guess i should take advantage of the xanga and livejournal because then i just have to type and not worry about uploading and formatting, but yeah... still... that's getting up and typing... and i can't do it at work. not that i have time.

ok. most recent first since the past is... well... past:

  • eric is living with us in our living room on the futon. he needed to get out of his house (family issues) and he's taken a breakup with his girlfriend real hard and so jon and i thought we could help get his mind off stuff by letting him get out of his house where he would just lock himself up in his room and drink. that wasn't good. nope. so we invited him over and to my surprise he said yes. i'm so glad that eric's not like me... when he's down and depressed he'll still go out with friends and kick it. me? i'll just curl into a little ball and sleep. not go out. not eat. not do anything. just sleep and mope around. oh. and bitch.

    jon and i went out and got a little cart thing for eric to put his clothes in since the closet is so full of my crap. i figure he's planning on moving out anyway, and that works as furniture. hey, my first place didn't have any furniture and so the second i furnished with plastic tupperware drawer bins. worked well for me. so yeah, he's got "furniture" now :p he seemed to like it so i'm glad. so his clothes are hanging from the front door via an over-the-door-hook thing and his not-need-to-hang stuff are in a bin.

  • the place is still an awful mess. ma was all "clean it up. give yourself two weeks and say you'll have it done. make it a goal. start fresh for the new year." i'd like to, but shit... where am i going to put all this crap!? well, eric's here now and he brought over the redbox, blackbox and two montiors. yeah. lotsa electronics. he was kinda setup on the glass desk i have but it was real cramped so we decided to revamp the room. looks better in the corner now and we set up the lan table for eric so we each have our own workspace... but there's still boxes and stuff all over the living room. moreso now sice there's another table and so there's less room to stash stuff.
  • so i've welcomed a friend into the home and i've cleaned up and made room and been trying to help... and what do i get? my computer craps on me. my little vaio, my baby from 2000 when i was dying for a pc, was getting worked on (jon was going to put in a new cd drive... i haven't had one for ages cuz that crapped out on me two months after the warranty expired) and then the power supply fell out. it's done it before but this time after it was all hooked up the thing had an error. so i need a new power supply. really sucks. i'm sad about that.
  • been playing a lot of games lately. stupid ones. like text twist and diamond mine and tower blaster. real bad. i'll stay up till like 4am. if it's not the games i'm reading. but i'm getting kinda bored of it. i read the 4th harry potter and now i'm on the 5th but it's kinda boring me.
  • added to my xanga this funny thing from tsg's website.
  • not sure of what's going on with my position at work... like if i'll be permanent or not... but yeah, for now it's down to 20 hours now but i guess i can do more or less... oh... shit... i forgot to turn in my timecard... crap. i gotta do that first thing monday... shit shit shit. ok. yeah. so i've been going in whenever and stuff. a ton of our staff is gone and so i've been updating hella slow... meaning i haven't spit out any current reports in ages. oops. yeah. oh well... i still have stuff to do atleast... but yeah, that means no dilly dallying at work with my computer and games. but when classes start hopefully i'll still have the job and i'll be caught up and i'll have time for homework and stuff.
  • oh yeah! classes! since i'm officially a senior (93 units, sankoobeddymuch) i had priority... i registered... and got EVERY class that i wanted! yay! but since casper (the thing we register on) only lets me reg for 16 units (retarded) i have to hold off to register for italian 2a. but that's ok. i'm pretty positive the teacher'll let me in... i wrote her an email just incase too. but yeah. aaron'll be in the class with me! yaaay!!!! he was going to go to san diego and stop csus but he decided to stay a little longer so i got him to take italian again with me. joy :) but yeah, if all goes well i'll have 19 units. i've decided on graphic design for a major.
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