July 2, 2003


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Dade died today at around 7:50am. It was as if he was waiting for one of us to find him. He and Aristotle were really trying to get out again last night and so Jon offered to help me fort up the place and let them out. Out they went, running around and being their cute selves. Dade for some reason kept coming to my feet and I kept kicking/squishing him slightly. (It isn't as bad as it sounds. I think...) I'd pick him up and apologize and he'd sit there all little like. He'd gotten really small. Last night I almost stepped on him again before I said goodnight and he kinda followed me some more then let me walk down the hall. Jon woke at 7am today and brought Dade in at 7:30 saying Dade wasn't doing too well. He had been laying on his side gasping and struggling for air, twitching, by the dining room table. He couldn't have fallen from anything, and there wasn't anything to eat (I think?) and the only other one out was Aristotle. Jon put cold little Dade in my hands and I cupped him and watched as he strained for air. A while later he gasped one last time and stopped moving. Rest in peace, my little baby...

Jeffrey's girlfriend, Sarah, thinks I'm cool. Yay. :]

I really can't think of what else to write. I'm really just... distraughtened.

R.I.P. Dadie-poo

Arrived in my home on 7/22/02
Departed from here on 7/2/03


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