july 3, 2001; tuesday

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there's ice in my cereal. why? shannon decided to crank up the fridge to the coldest and my milk froze. uh... yes. so my teeth are cold. oh well. it's ok. it actually tastes better this cold.

so yeah... if you didn't know from the last entry, chris dumped me. i dunno if his reason was real or not, but all i know is that i cried harder than i've ever cried. i really like him... but life goes on, right? right. i called up my sister when i had a break of horfing for air and she picked me up and i stayed at my mom's for a week. jon came over the last night and stayed over. step-dad drove me angry and i've decided to never go back to my mom's. she says it's unfair to her, but... well too bad. i didn't marry the asshole. so jie, jon, and i went to my place and jie brought the kitty. didn't go to well with the other kitties in the house. lots'a animosity (tee hee... animal. animosity. hee hee hee), hissing, and batting and stuff. mephistopholes was a good kitty tho. all calm and mellow. the other three took battle stations around the house and just watched poor phizzy. so we watched the simpsons (crayon one) and went out for sushi. came back, crashed, and then the next morning jon left and i drove jie and phizzy back to their home. so no more phizzy for me for a bit till he visits me again or jie gets her own place. i went to borders and read about stuff and then jon phoned me and asked me to fast and the furious. i got jie and went to jon's and we met up with eric (jon's bud), melissa (jon's best bud and now eric's girlfriend), dave (jon's youngest bro), paul (jon's younger bro), jon (jon), and... yeah. that's it. we ate hotdogs jon's mommy prepared (i ate four. heh) and then went to see the movie. it was actually ok.

jie kept complaining aboot missing her cat so i drove her home afterwards and then i didn't wanna go back to the apartment (was in a total driving mood too... very rare for me. i hate driving.) called up am and asked if i could go to chico but then it was decided i go there tomorrow morn. cuz she and brad had work at the butt crack of dawn so i was still bored... so i paged up jon and he was at eric's. we decided to go driving anyway. so i showered (oh god i was SO sweaty. it was still 103 degrees at 10pm yesterday) and went to eric's where eric and jon hopped in the car and we were off. drove around elk grove for a bit and then were pooped out at el dorado hills... 45 minutes away. but it took 3 hours cuz i just took random turns on random roads to see where we'd go. it was fun. i saw bunnies, bats, a glimpse of a possible armadillo, and this HUGE fig tree. it was so scary how huge it was. afterwards we went to jack in the bjesusfish and then went to eric's where we ate and then i went back to the apartment. did a crossword puzzle, took a sleeping pill and antihistamine and went to bed.

woke up to the phone at 3:30pm. heh. amity was wondering where the hell i was. told her i fulfilled my driving desire and maybe i'd go tonite. so here i am now.

jie and mommy keep hinting at me and jon hooking up and now i'm totally confused. i can't for the life of me picture jon and me as a couple. when i see us i see us cuddling and goofing off... really good buddies. i don't see us in some relationship relationship. but now i'm all quaffled (yes. that's now a word.) and paranoid to touch jon. damn jie and mommy. grr. oh well. we'll see what happens. i miss chris.

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