July 15, 2003


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crap. more ups problems. apparently ups came and didn't decide to leave a message last time and then the 2nd attempt happened without me being able to change the address so someone could be there to sign for it. now there's a third attempt, on monday, and i won't be there... and i can't do an address change. crap crap crap. i have some products that someone is waiting for too. crap. i dunno what i'm gonna do. i'm at jon's house and the dog is barking like crazy. aristotle and the rats are here. oh yeah. jon and i are going to our mendocino trip.

the mendocino trip. my mom won it at sac county. i was so happy cuz she promised she'd give it to me. and she did :) jon and i are leaving monday morning to the four or so hour drive, stay there thru wednesday night, and then drive back thursday morning. i hope it'll be nice. i relaxing vacation sure would be nice. the last one jon had was a year or so ago... where we went to mendocino also. it was our camping trip.

i've been playing around with this program called... uh... i can't remember. something like "map it" or something. but it maps out these images so there can be links on it. lookie.

betty's site jon's balls jon's site jon's balls jon's site

See? Moving the mouse over me, Jon, and Jon's necklace bring up links. Fun. :)

I buried Dade yesterday. OK, Jon did all the digging, planting and covering, Don (Jon's daddy) chose the plant and location and did the initial placing... I just layed Dade in there and cried like a girl. Don brought two daisies to put on the grave... a new shrubbery. It was so nice of him. Dade will be good. I hope. My little munchkin :(

We spent the 4th at Jon's house. Eric, Melissa, their friend Corey, Marie's friend Forest, Marie, Paul, David, Jill, Sallie, Don, Jon, and I were there. The kiddos went swimming and we played silent Marco Polo... you're silent and so there's no "Marco" "Polo", it's just listen for the swish. I was scared of playing and figured I'd die since I don't tread water well, but I decided to play at the end and it was okay. Things seemed alright between Eric, Melissa, Jon and me... not all bitter like. It was nice. We all came inside, ate, and Jon, Paul, Corey, Eric and Melissa played some Monopoly. Eric and Melissa LOVE Monopoly. I hate it. It always made me mad. I'd always lose. So I sat it out and read Why I'm Like This. I really like that book. Oh, yeah... Nick was there too. He played. He gets mad a lot. Always gets mad during games. I don't like playing with him much cuz he seems to think everyone is ganging up on him. It's a game. Night came and we did fire works. Eric and Corey had both pitched in and payed $40 for this fire work. It really wasn't that impressive. Don bought a $10 or $15 one and it was actually better. Lasted the same amount of time, and there was some variation to it. Didn't really say it out loud tho. Didn't wanna make Corey and Eric sad.

The whole fire work thing is pretty new to me. Last year was the first year I saw their tradition. They get out a ladder and some planks of wood. Less extravagant things get put on a raised plank. Things that spin are put on the ground. Big crazy stuff gets put on the ladder. Paul always rigs stuff up and combines fireworks to something illegal, but they pretty much always turn out really neat. Jon tried and almost took out an eye. Seriously. He made a "punk" (a stick of incense whos purpose is to light fire works "safely") bat thing and attached a "bat" (this flying black thing) to the punk... lit it and it turned sideways and shot straight for his head. Jesus it was scary. Stupid Jon.

We got to bed around 2am.

It's been so hot lately. Like 85 degrees in the apartment. I worry so much for Nosy. I don't want him to die. He's very sad and pathetic and weak... but he seems to adapt and hold out pretty well. He hasn't done the whole lay-on-side-and-heat-stroke thing that all these other people talk about with their chinchillas. He actually will seem to want "out" and play. Crazy fella. I tell him to go back in his igloo and I give him an ice thing... uh... blue ice block and tell him to calm down and cool off. Night time is cool time and that's when he should go out. Not day time hot time.

I like cantaloupe. It is yummy. Yum.

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