august 1, 2001; wednesday


so i got in to a model thing... that one in florida that offers the 3 year contract. it cost me a ton of money and i'm in debt now but... we'll see. i hope it's worth it. atleast a little. like it's fun and stuff. :p i'm scared about it now. i'm leaving tomorrow at 2pm and i'll be there till sunday morning. all these modeling agencies'll be there. i dunno of any of them. and all my clothes? cheapo stuff and wall-mart make-up. and this is for a make-up spokesmodel thing. eh heh. riiight.

had a nice talk about life with shannon yesterday. got to know my roomie some :) it was fun. my knee is really itchy now.

went swimming yesterday for an hour or so. i'm so sore now. the water was foggy. it was pretty gross. then i went in the jacuzzi afterwards. the water was a green tint. then i showered. oooooo nelly did i shower. it was good fun. excercise is good. my lifting and moving everyday has slimmered my legs and arms. i'm getting toned. niiiiice. well i'm gonna shower now. it's hot.


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