August 10, 2004



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ok, just kidding. so didn't ever get back to my entry. anyway...

so jon got a new job. i'm at lee's right now. guys forced me to play risk. it's seriously the most fucking annoying game ever. i don't understand what the fuck i'm doing and they keep insisting i do it. they look at me like i'm insanely retarded and i say "you know, i won't play" then they go "no, we just spent all this fucking time laying out our guys" and i'm like "ok, then i'll give my guys to someone else" "no! you'll get it!!" no, no i won't. there's a reason why i don't play these fucking games. i don't understand them. why would i play a game that i'm miserable playing that i don't understand for "fun?" this is fucking bullshit. i'm so fucking pissed off. i don't give a shit and they're like "oh, this looks bad betty, i'm going to win north america" and i'm like "i could care less, dipshit, here, take my fucking dice"

yeah, jon got a new job. works for the sprint call center. he's in training for the next three months. since he's dealt with so many retarded customer service people working at costco he knows a shitload of sprint stuff, specially the plans and prices and shit, and so he's been correcting the teacher and stuff. apparently they've got coffee machines there... and everything in there's free... and there's candy EVERYWHERE. they want people all psyched and hyper for this job... if he falls asleep once, he's fired. no calls yet, not for two months... then it's a month of supervised calls... then FINALLY sprint decides if they want to be hired. yeah, he was hired originally by "kelly services", this temp agency, and they're the one who's hiring for this temp-to-hire so that's why getting the job was a bit easier. the 3 years of customer service and sprint experience probably helped as well. anyway. so jon's gotta get up at 5am to get to work in roseville by 7:30am where he works till 4:30pm. i've been going to sleep all retarded hours... sleep at 5am or so and get up at like 12pm or 2pm or later... yeah. dumb ass. i'm so stupid. i'm so gonna get fired and not have benefits and get the plague and die. or not. whatever.

so i knew lee wanted everyone to go to dinner at his house and have "hot pot"... this chinese thing with boiled water and you throw raw fish, meat and eggs in it and then eat it. i don't dig the hot pot. but it was ok. pretty good. lee's parents are hilarious... they had this marinated beef tho, and it was sooo good. made it all yum. then jon wanted to go swim in lee's non-heated pool. it was alright, but not "warm." so i was slowly getting in in my new swimsuit (tie top with mini short bottoms with hearts everywhere) and was freeeezing. it was like 6pm so it was slightly warm out but not hot enough for the water to even out. i told jon i wasn't getting in while he and eric were cannon balling... oh yeah... whenever the "boys" get to a pool, they just keep cannon balling. after like 5 minutes it's all soaked around the pool for a 10 foot radius. but yeah. so they stopped for a second and i got in. the water was all crazy and shit and so it was flapping and cold. i was standing there then jon cannon balled towards me. i got mad cuz i was freezing and got out. i haven't been diggin' the water lately. so now i came inside and it was 20 degrees. the one time lee's parents turn on the air and i'm freezing. so i change to warm clothes and now i'm stuck playing this retard of a game. fucking shit. oh well. i got central america and a risk card. whatever the hell that means...

but yeah. so it was around 4:45pm and jon called me up "hey, i'm outside your work, so do i just come in?" and i was all happy cuz jon NEVER visits me at work. apparently it's way too painfully boring to be with me at work and it's too far away and a hassle to go there (though he has a point, it IS 0.7 miles from our apartment...) well, he comes over and i ask him to stay with me. he wanted to go home and change and go to lee's to swim. "when are you off?" i look at the clock. oh. way long from then... "6..." "yeah, that's a while away." "ok, then 5:30pm? 5... 15?" and he goes "let me go out and ask lee if you're actually invited, just incase." cuz i was all asking before if i was truly invited or if he just assumed i was. jon went out for like 3 minutes and came back and it was like 4:58pm. "i'm going to go home." "awww... stay with me? just... 15 minutes?" and i did the pittiful googly eyes and pouty mouth face that i'd smack if he ever did to me and he was all "aw, now i'm all guilty. i better leave now." "oh come on! 15 minutes!" "but that could be time i could change so i'll be ready" but i finally got him to stay since it was 5:05pm by the time we stopped bickering. we talked about each other's day a little bit and then i finsihed entering. "AHEM," says jon, "it's 5:30" "oh. sorry. 15 minutes." "yeah. 30" ok ok, sorry, i spent 30 minutes of your precious time. so he's all pissing and moaning about spending "dead" time with me, sitting in air conditioning after being in 104 degrees of sacramento weather in his car, talking about our days and lives. i thought he wanted to know more about my day. he was all whining and pissing and moaning recently. where the fuck did that go, huh? so i guess i won't ask him to stay anymore. he really seems to hate it. but ofcourse he'll read this now and go "oh, i feel guilty now, boo hoo," and feel bad even though yeah, doesn't matter, i know how he feels already and when i say something it doesn't seem to effect him until he sees it in my jourants which he reads to find out what i'm thinking inside and what's going on in my life since "we never talk." well. there you go. hunh. well wouldja lookat that. it's a fucking circle.

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