August 15, 2003



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jon hasn't gotten a call :( i don't understand why not. jon's SO super qualified. and he showed them he's dedicated. stupid at&t >:[

smud was $157 last month. insane. we went around to the neighbors to check it out. turns out people downstairs were averaging $8-$30... upstairs? from $80-$180. SO unfair! damn heat rising crap. grrrrr.

my head's been hurting and i've been achey. oh! achey! i've been swimming again. i swam 30 laps yesterday. monday i swam like 15 but i learned how to dive. jon was super patient and after an hour i finally tried and it was ok. i managed to stand up completely and dive from the side. i smacked my foot on the water but it was ok. i dived a whole bunch and worked out my arms pulling myself out of the pool so much. oh! i got a new white swimsuit. it's really cute. tuesday i forgot how to dive and i had to relearn. it took like another hour of coaxing then i was fine. i managed to dive while taking a step. yay! momentum. it felt good. i did 20 laps. wednesday i forgot how to dive again. jon was sick from tuesday (i think he had bad mexican food) and he didn't want to swim. i was so lame that he jumped in to coax me in. i dived and it was okay again. jon got out and dried off. he didn't get more sick. that's good. he was squirting and having explosive poo. eeeeew. yesterday i forgot how to dive again. AGAIN. jeeze i'm lame. i was too scared to and i was mad at myself. jon wasn't there so i had no one to coax me and i just didn't dive. it was sad.

these two stupid 13 year old girls have been in the pool. one's asian, the other's indian or something. they totally piss me off SO much. they sit there in the middle and don't move. they need to learn some pool ettiquette. i'll be swimming a lap and then they'll jump out in to the middle of the pool. they're lame and can't swim very well and they talk their wanna-be-ghetto talk and just sit there and i have to stop my lap and go around. i should just ram in to them. dumb bitches.

nosy was very social yesterday. it was nice. he kept coming up to me. he lets me pet him now. kinda. i can scratch behind his ears a decent amount before he runs away. yay :) maybe in another month he'll love me. ooooo that'd be nice :) i want to bring him outside to frolick in the grass. i'm too scared to now, though.

the apartment babies were out yesterday. they're so cute. kinda ugly, but really cute. okay. one mom is tabitha. she's 18. she wanted a kid at 13 but waited (oh thank god). she said she had a friend that was all "i'll give you a baby, just don't let your dad know." ha ha. anyway. she's got a 9 month old daughter named amanda. HUGE eyes and pretty eyelashes. tabitha says that's from amanda's daddy. tabitha's married. that's good. she's 5 months pregnant. next mommy is i THINK janine? maybe? she's either 21 or 23. her daughter is something like laurali. she's frumy lookin'. she's a big four month old. looks a LOT like her mommy now. real cute. she smiles and the world melts :) next mommy was named tammy. no idea what her 6 week old son's name is. her husband (boyfriend? i don't know) is goofy. his name isn't goofy... he's just goofy. like... dopey. whatever.

OH! linking park! it was SOOOOO awesome. you know the cd? well, play it. that's how they sounded. it was PERFECT. i hate it when bands mess up the songs and make them sound different. linkin park was perfect. just like the cd. just how i like it. it was magical. i'm sure the people in front of me hated me cuz i sang every word. i was so excited. backstage, t.j., the guy who got us in, urged me to not ask for too many autographs... so i just got my two covers signed. didn't get my bro's, david's, or carlos'. carlos gave me a poster to sign. i felt stupid carrying a poster. i got brad, phoenix, mike, and... crap... i forgot his name... rob. yeah. i got them to sign. i didn't get joseph or chester. chester's my favorite. i love his voice. love love love. his wife was there. sooo pretty. mike's family was there... mom, cute dad, attractively adorable brother, aunts, uncles and cousins. oh god they were SO great. they took to jie and me and they became our family for the day. mike went over and saw the poster and unrolled and was all "what... the... hell? what's this?" and i said "oh... that's mine. tee hee..." and he said "oh. ok. i'll sign it." and he signed his name. so carlos got mike's signature, that's it tho. apparently chester isn't for the whole "meet backstage" thing so he wasn't very social. i was intimidated by him and his super coolness... i shyed away and didn't say anything to him. i'm not THAT huge of a fan and so i didn't even know all their names (just mike and chester and joe) and i wasn't even sure what they looked like. chester walked by a few times and i didn't even know it was him. joe was there and i guessed it was him but wasn't sure. it was him. mike i was pretty sure and it was him. the others i had NO idea. but they had a "i'm in a band" aura and so it was KINDA hinted... after j.t. told me who they were :p

we got to watch the band play out in the middle of the field (we were at candlestick park... huge field, tons of seating... tiny stage and tiny band... soooo hard to see) where it was cleared and where the camera men were. it was a good view. far, but good. we were with mike's family. when linkin park finished we pushed our way back backstage. mike's family huddled around jie and me and made sure we didn't get lost in the crowd. they told us "get in between us!" and snuck us in to the "rubber room" where there was free food and drinks. jie and i didn't have passes so we weren't really allowed in, but we were snuck in. :) after the rubber room the shinoda's left and jie and i were left. "oh no, where'd our family go?" we tried to get back stage and we were stuck. they wouldn't let us without an escort. well shit. we were stuck at the gate line and had to wait there, freezing. finally, after 15-30 minutes, mike's cousin came out. we told him we couldn't get in. he was like "oh. okay. well let's go." he started to go back in, then the guards were all "no, you can't go in. you don't have the right badge." what the hell. now all three of us were stranded. cousin called his dad and mike's uncle came out. "DON'T PASS THE GUARDS!" the guards turned around and uncle smiled and guards said "ok, fine, you can go." uncle got jie and me and saved us. we went back backstage. mike told us we should see limp biskit and so he and a body guard escorted us all to to the field again. there was lotsa fire. after the show linkin park had to go and so mike left. that meant that j.t. would be leaving too... so jie and i had to jet as well. RIGHT before metallica. eh heh. people would kill me if they knew i went to summer sanitarium and didn't see the headliner. we weasled our way to the gate and we couldn't even get to the passageway. jie called j.t. and he came to the rescue. he brought us backstage and i got to say bye to mike and his family again. mike gave me a hug :) *blush* tee hee. oh! we weren't allowed cameras but mike's aunt brought one anyway. she took a picture of mike and me and is going to send me a copy :) SO super nice. j.t. ripped of a "linkin park dressing room" sign and i got mike to sign that too (he was just signing shit for me left and right). i got mike's brother to sign it and he wrote "mike's brother" instead of his name :) brad or rob signed it too... i can't remember who :( i framed it, my vip pass and the ticket and it's on my bedroom door now. i'm sooo cool ^_^ anime face. i hate those but it's the only face that'd describe my giddiness.

when we were leaving j.t. called jie. i was driving and she talked, giggled, then hung up. "what? what'd he say?" i asked. "he said bye and that mike is in a box to be shipped to you." hee hee. i was so a giddy school girl. pathetic. i joined the linkin park underground and i'm getting a t-shirt. i want the sweatshirt dammit. it was the last day of the tour and linkin park gave all of their staff a sweatshirt. i wanted one. i can get one now at the website, but i'm waiting for more money. i should get a pretty good paycheck from dhs in a week, payment for sitting on the kids for this week, and also payment from amy-mom's work. yay! rent money and sweatshirt. good stuff. i'll be all set for winter with my linkin park street soldier sweatshirt. oh yeah. *shizzah!!!!*

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